View Full Version : Can someone go slow and tell me how to

22nd December 2001, 03:08
get the audio as well as video..

I used smart ripper to get the video... but there is no audio.. I am playing back in 2 channel mode....

please use step by step idiot proof instructions... I don't know any of the jargon...

looking for someone real patient to help me... you can send directly to my email too..



22nd December 2001, 03:55
How are you trying to extract the audio from the VOBs?


22nd December 2001, 04:16
I don't know how to extract the audio... I thought it would just come along with the video.... don't laugh at me :(

What should I do?

feel free to reply to my email too



22nd December 2001, 04:57
Hi-Use Smart Ripper-before decrypting the .vobs, go into the Stream Processing Tab, enable Stream Processing, highlight the language of your choice, and tick "Demux to extra File". That'll get you the AC3 audio stream as well as the video (pay attention to the audio delay-you'll have to use it later). Then either read Doom9's guide on going from AC3 to MP3 in his Guides section, or perhaps download and use HeadAC3he from his Downloads-Audio Tools-Full Listing area. It's one step, easy, and fast. All of this is basic stuff covered thoroughly in his guides.

22nd December 2001, 08:33
Thanks... I'll let you know how it goes