View Full Version : Unable to capture Sound

12th November 2006, 06:12
From FAQ I learnt that most people on this forum use VirtualDub to capture video/audio. I have just bought Pinnacle PCTV 100e external tv tuner and use Studio 9.4 QuickStart. I will be glad is someone can guide me to appropriate forum for Pinnacle pctv users.

Or else if there are some experts here who use Pinnacle, following are the details,

Using Win XP SP2
Sempron 2400+ (1.66GHz), 256MB DDR333
A7V400-MX motherboard with Integrated
VIA UniChrome Graphics and ADI SoundMax 5.1 & S/PDIF
USB 2.0, Studio QuickStart 9.4
Sony CCD TR550 camcorder with analog video/audio out

Problem : Unable to capture audio using stereo socket on PCTV 100e. Video capture OK in avi/mpg format. WHEN camcorder audio out is wired to computer directly then also Studio is unable to capture it (however in that case "AM Capture" is able to capture audio/video both).