View Full Version : unsynched subtitles

21st December 2001, 15:47
hi all

I used virtualdub to open an AVS file (from dvd2avi), where I added subtitles using vobsub and frameserved it to tmpg to encode it to VCD.
the movie was ok, but the subtitles weren't synched with the movie...

could that be becuase my computer is too weak? does frameserving depends on CPU+memory? (I have PII 350+256mb)

I thought there shouldn't be any problem with synching because all the data is from the same VOB's (and not from text file and video file), so what is that happening>?



21st December 2001, 16:01
Sometimes this happens due to a few reasons.. generally what i suggest is load up the video in VirtualDub and see if your subs are on.. Then if they arn't either using the Configure dialog or subresync adjust them to where they are on and then encode your movie.. btw what are you encoding? anime?