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21st December 2001, 15:40
I have spent all night (6 hours!) making and editing and fixing hte bugs and crap for my DivX guide, i made it into html format, its at last uploaded and ready to go, i am even impressed with how good it is

have a look and tell me what you think


21st December 2001, 15:47
Much better... fast to load too.

21st December 2001, 19:32
didn't get the chance to read whole thing yet, but i think doom9 might not like that you linking directly to files on his server...perhaps local copy or link to his software page would be better?

*update* ok i just read your guide and i have a comment about audio encoding. like somebody else point out, using intermediate wave might be a bit inefficient, also your LAME command line is far from optimal.
you should defenatly consider using --alt-preset or at least --r3mix.
those few megs that you saved using 128kbit will not make that much of a difference in video quality...especialy when you go for 2 cd rip, but your sound experience will so much better.

22nd December 2001, 02:46
Originally posted by MxxCon
...but i think doom9 might not like that you linking directly to files on his server...

i'm sure that's true. nobody would like that, don't you think so?
you definitely have to change this as soon as possible! either just link to doom9's main page (doom9.org) or host the files yourself.


22nd December 2001, 02:47
yo mixxcon

i use the command LAME -q 0 -b 128 -d moviename.wav moviename.mp3 for my LAME mp3 conversion, you said alt and r3mix, could you please give me the command line that i should use? and what does alt and r3mix do?
thanks mate.

I will also put a note that these files are all from www.doom9.net under the links

22nd December 2001, 04:16
Updated : i have added a link to doom cos of the downloads, put a effect when you enter the page of http://www.angelfire.com/hiphop/members/dvd.htm and added counters on each page

22nd December 2001, 04:16
presets are basicaly shortcuts to command lines.
in --alt-preset case it goes even deeper and it actualy partialy changes the way codec work.

--r3mix info you can get from www.r3mix.net
--alt-preset info you can get from www.hydrogenaudio.org
or from docs w/ LAME 3.90 and from http://lame.sourceforge.net/history.html

also mention that it's DivX4 guide
and kill that fadeing :)

22nd December 2001, 04:45
naa dun worry about it mxxcon, the audio is fine as it is and normalizing makes it loud enough, + this guide is for newbies and people, i dun wawnt to make it too complciated

22nd December 2001, 04:56
what's easier: lame --alt-preset standard or -q 0 -b 128 -d?
it's your guide, you deside.

22nd December 2001, 12:18
Gordian Knot is pretty good you know.