View Full Version : Whats the best settings for encoding a cartoon?

21st December 2001, 00:06
Does this differ from encoding 'normal' footage? Also like to know how Image Quality Priority influences the end product. Def is 25, but have seen threads people talking about 4....is there a simple explaination on what to roughly select?

21st December 2001, 10:47
Funnily I asked the same question in the DVD2SVCD advanced users forum...without any answer so far !

Let's hope someone answers here....


22nd December 2001, 01:57
I think there is a fairly good reason no one is responding - this is a really difficult question to answer.

With cartoons, like anime, it's very difficult to get good encodes. MPEG was designed for natural footage, and has real problems with cell and CG animation, which usually has abrupt contrast changes (all the character features and objects are drawn with black lines) and a limited color gamut. The use of flat areas of color often results in a moving-posterization effect that's nearly impossible to eliminate. And of course there's the infamous macroblock problem in high motion scenes.

For my part, when it comes to the Image Quality Priority, I almost always use a higher setting for anime and cartoons then I do for live footage. I do this in an attempt to limit the moving posterization problem - though I've never done multiple encodes of the same scene with different settings to see which is best. Higher settings probably result in more mosquito noise, but I'm willing to live with that.

The default of 17 in DVD2SVCD seems to be a good choice for live footage. I bump it to either 25 or 40 for anime and cartoons (depends on my mood).

Please note that these are by no means scientific comments. These are mostly based on gut feel. Now that you've arroused my curiosity, I may try some test encodes (if I can find the time).

24th December 2001, 20:22
On Doom9 linklist there is a link to Inwards SVCD Guide
it's called the anime way perhaps it's of any use.
Last update is from 17-01-2001

26th December 2001, 01:06
Tnx, gonna read it!

28th February 2004, 06:48
The link is dead. Is there a new link?

3rd March 2004, 11:59
Originally posted by rs008f
The link is dead. Is there a new link?