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20th December 2001, 22:10
There seems to be movies being released that put leaders at the beginning of the movie ie part of main VOB set. I just did Terminator and found the audio out of synch by a huge amount similar to swordfish. I saw the thread on the swordfish fix (audio 7180). My question is, how do you work out the amount, is it trial and error or do you use some tools or a combination.

Also, is there a way a trimming of the video and audio portion at the rip stage, is there a way after the rip stage?

Terminator has a leader section I would like to trim off, the leader has audio in synch, the main movie then follows and is out of synch by a lot and its all part of the main set of VOBs - I don't understand.

Thanks all, and a merry christmas.

20th December 2001, 22:18
Did you use internal ripping?

20th December 2001, 22:23
No I actually use DVD Decrypt but I have a mate here at work who had the same problem using in internal routines on Swordfish (although slightly different - his first VOB file was shorter than he started with using internal routines, mine was the same size with DVD Decrypt, I'll ask him about Terminator 2.

20th December 2001, 22:26
I haven't had the pleasure of doing Swordfish, however, I have don T2 using internal routines without problems. I know that almost everybody has had problems with Swordfish (not only with dvd2svcd but all other programs too).

20th December 2001, 22:29
Any suggestions on how to approach the fix in synching, I'll try the internal routines but I'd like to understand how wordfish was fixed - what approach.

20th December 2001, 23:02
1) install daemon-tools. This provides a virtual cd-rom wich uses images of cds, like cue/bin files;
2) play with the settings of audio and video in bbmpeg tab. Each second of delay needs the increase of 1000 in the setting number;
3) redo the process from muxing and cutting using crash recovery;
4) mount the *.cue file using daemon-tool and watch the movie with windvd. If the audio+video sync isn't ok, try again.

21st December 2001, 02:42
Or you can just play the bbMPEG_Muxed_File00.mpg using windows media player to see how things need to be adjusted. :)

21st December 2001, 11:58
Oh yes... you can do what mark said, but ONLY if you are encoding ONLY one audio track.

21st December 2001, 21:40
The way I figured out Swordfish's delay is to watch the mpg file (with media play or windvd ect.) and find a door slam or something you won't miss sound wise and count out loud from that point until you hear it. One onethousand, two onethousand...ect is pretty acurate. Swordfish synced right at seven onethousand. So in bbmpeg I adjusted the audio delay to 7180ms. (Default is 180ms) If you synce in-between seconds, add 500ms for 1/2 a second.
Hope this helps.

21st December 2001, 23:09
You guys with short term memory don't remember about 2 months ago when I tried ripping Eagles Hell Freezes Over. The audio was way outta synch like 15 seconds or so. I initially ripped it with internal routines then tried smartripper...and voila no synch issues. So this time I ripped Swordfish with Smartripper 2.40 (2.41 is out I know) and voila no synch issues with DVD2SVCD 1.0.5 build 2 at all. That's why it's in the newbie faq folks.

22nd December 2001, 03:55
Mr Bass, I used Smartripper and internal routines and I got synch issues with both versions.

I don't think there are simple 'blanket fixes' as easy as that

22nd December 2001, 04:52
mrbass, for clarification, did you use movie mode in SmartRipper and disable ripping in DVD2SVCD?

I just did Swordfish (R1) two days ago, and there were no problem with audio sync. I always use vStrip in DVD2SVCD for ripping (old habits die hard). Perhaps that explains why my audio was in sync.

22nd December 2001, 07:06
hmmm...well the reason I did Smartripper right off the bat (usually I do internal routines...I used to do vstrip exclusively until dvd2svcd adding the chapter selection support for internal routines.) I always like to cut out the last chapter (if it's credits) so smartripper or internal suffices. Perhaps it's the PAL version which is causing issues. My copy is NTSC (R1). Yes I always disable DVD2SVCD ripping when using smartripper.
Anyone have audio synch issues with Swordfish R1 (NTSC) using DVD2SVCD internal routines? If not then it's something with the PAL version would be my guess.

22nd December 2001, 23:25
I had this the other day,with the film "The Gift" R2.
First thought it was me doing something wrong.
Then looked at the ifo file with ChapterXtrac and it came up with only one chapter which was the length of the film.
Looks like they have done this to make it harder for people to copy.

5th April 2003, 07:00
im a newbie to making svcd's, but I have just made a copy of swordfish using the defaults on dvdtosvcd and cce 2.5 and i didnt have any audio sync problems, just lucky i guess