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20th December 2001, 08:38
I bought a 16x dvd rom from comp usa on sale for 40 bucks. I thought it would be an improvement over my old 8x drive. Well I can't get this new drive up to the same speed as my old one. DMA is set busmaster driver is on I tried it on a master and slave by itself on my maxtor ata100 card and still slow. Does this drive just suck or is there something I can do to fix this. The brand of the drive is EPO. Also I checked for new firmware. Any suggestions?


21st December 2001, 22:40
With my DVD it is 16x and it cant go up to that speed anymore either. It used to get up 16x (if i was lucky), but now it gets up to 7x and thats it. It could be that my DVD is getting old...since i use it ALOT

22nd December 2001, 02:50
It all really depends on the DVD media itself. My 16x only reads 3x for some DVDs and jumps to 10x for others. Firmware might also be an issue, but it's unlikely.

2nd January 2002, 19:52
Originally posted by dragonlz
It all really depends on the DVD media itself. My 16x only reads 3x for some DVDs and jumps to 10x for others. Firmware might also be an issue, but it's unlikely.

Very true. It all depends on the media and the movie itself. Some movies I can rip at 10x but others maybe just 2.0.

3rd January 2002, 09:04
It also depends on the ripper you are using.

3rd January 2002, 09:10
Originally posted by LIGHTNING UK!
It also depends on the ripper you are using.

So do you know something we don't? :)

3rd January 2002, 14:03
Originally posted by MaTTeR

So do you know something we don't? :)

Erm...yeah - perhaps?!

I know that mine is the fastest one!

3rd January 2002, 14:20
Sector extractor is the best. It works fine even if DVD Decripter fails. Well... it is Lightning UK's creation also:D

3rd January 2002, 18:19
Ahhh...where have I been? I haven't tried it yet but I certainly will:)

4th January 2002, 09:50
There is no need to try it.....there were loads of problems with it, and DVD Decrypter 3 already incorprates the technology used in it - and then some!

The new version will be out in a couple of days...I suggest you get that instead :)

4th January 2002, 12:35
Originally posted by LIGHTNING UK!
There is no need to try it..... and DVD Decrypter 3 already incorprates the technology used in it - and then some!

Of course DVD Decrypter 3 already incorporates the technology of ripping method. However, in my experience it fails to skip some errors (i.e. I/O error 23), and there is no way to do this handly. What I mean, I cannot manualy skip the sector where this error ocurrs, restarting the ripping process in the nearest good sector. Using sector extractor, this is done with no problem. Thus, if everything fails and you know what to do, sector extractor is the tool. May you add this feature in DVD Decrypter?


4th January 2002, 12:43
V~Strip and Smart ripper are the only two I will use anymore. I have had DeCss issues with the rest of them.

4th January 2002, 18:24

I think you might have gotten mixed up somewhere....at no point should DVD Decrypter ever give you an error message like I/O Error 23.
That to me sounds more like a Visual Basic application. If DVD Decrypter errors out, you get a massive message box with every last bit of imformation possible as to the cause of it. Without being biased, DVD Decrypter has the best error reporting going. DVD Decrypter will skip errors as easily as your dvd drive allows. If your drive cannot recover from a read error (and I very much doubt that would ever happen) then neither will dvd decrypter.
I am glad you like sector extractor...however it was only used as a seperate little project to see how an aspi based ripper would/could work. It was never meant to be an actual ripping tool!


Can you please tell me of an instance where DVD Decrypter has failed? If so, the title of the disc would be helpful so that I can figure out why it happened.

4th January 2002, 20:21


As you can guess, I usually use DVD2SVCD internal routines or Vstrip, which comes with DVD2SVCD bundle, to rip my movies. They almost never fails for me.

However, few days ago the following happenned: the movie was "Omen, Damien" (too old, don't you think?). ALL rippers - DVD2SVCD's internal routines, vstrip, DVD decripter and SmartRipper - freezing/stopping exactly at the same point/sector. DVD2SVCD popped up "I/O error 23". Vstrip only freezes. Smartripper freezes also. DVD Decryptor tries to rip the same sector almost forever (well, 50 minutes trying to rip only one sector is almost forever:)), and didn't show any message error. setting "skip error" didn't work better. As you can see, only DVD2SVCD told me what were happening. Because of this I said to you that it was called "I/O error 23".

WinDVD was almost freezing exactly at the same point also. The same problem with the same movie and the same rippers happened with 3 different dvd-roms of my lab. The DVD plays almost fine in my standalone, with a very small SKIPPING at the "unripeable" sector. So, I guessed... hummm.... there is something wrong. Maybe a damaged sector... All that I can do is to skip this sector handly, instead of just forget about it. That was done using sector extractor to rip all sectors nearest to that one where those other rippers had failled. I got informations about the neighborhood of these sectors with SmartRipper. Using sector extractor, when I had reached the "unextractable" sector, an error message popped-ups, telling me the exact number of this sector. After this, I restarted the ripping process from the next nearest "good" sector, just typping its number into the "star LBA" box, and typping into the "length (sectors)" box the right number of sectors to be ripped. As I said before, sector extractor is a very good tool when we know how to do what we need to do. It cannot help newbies :)

But, if you don't love your first son, there is no problem. Now I love it.:cool:

5th January 2002, 02:52
So you are saying that Sector Extractor brought up the ASPI Error message box but DVD Decrypter didnt? Wow that is strange. By default, my program sets hardware retries are set to 10...fast error skip lets you choose what value it sets it to. I take it that you tried it on 0 or 1?

5th January 2002, 18:22
DVD Decryptor version "fast error skip" turned on. Trying "read error retry count" 8, 4, 2 and 0, with no success. The same behaviour for each one: freezing at the same point/sector, showing 0.0x speed of ripping, retrying forever, without any error message.

5th January 2002, 20:46
That is really weird...I have a dvd here with a massive scratch down it....DVD Decrypter reports the read errors instantly.
With Fast Error Skip set to 0, it finds them even on non scratched discs! - Thats how sensitive it is!

6th January 2002, 09:52
Lightning U.K

...... The last time I used DVDdecrypter was on Star Wars episode one. It ripped all of the VOB's but when I open them in DVD 2 avi I got the spanish/english all in one, w/ a scrambled affect. I have had problems with other movies too. I also had a problem with Exit wounds it extracted the directors cut audio and interlieved it with the actual video and audio stream. I will not change rippers again until Smart Ripper or V~Strip fail on me. I am not saying your program is not worthy, I just need a sure shot program. That works everytime.

Good Luck

6th January 2002, 13:51
Thats the thing you see, my program is the only one that doesnt mess with the actual vobs, so what you get out is what you put in - minus macrovision and css of course.
IFO Parsing changes all that and it only rips out the sectors that are part of that angle or whatever.
The MultiAngle Processing feature helps to an extent, but it will never be as good as actually parsing the IFO. I wasnt aware so many dvds were coming out that had interleaved scenes....bummer!

7th January 2002, 07:20
Yeah, that sucks huh. All I used to use was DVD Decrypter until I started running into this problem. I liked how simple it was, it even created the directory to send the VOB files to named after the movie. I always have to minimize the Decrypting programs to go create a directory to send the vob's to. I know you don't have to say it, "Damn he's lazy"!

But, I think you need to do something about this because it seems a lot of DVDs have directors cuts and multi angle shoots interlieved into the main movie files. I think this is done to save space on the Disc for other features to make them better than VHS. You know, so people will pay the extra buck for them.

Good Luck Lightning U.K.