View Full Version : VobBlanker Download: What are Two "Remove" programs?

8th October 2006, 09:12
I just downloaded VobBlanker. It comes with two things I don't understand...

1. Remove VobBlanker settings
2. Remove VobBlanker Window

What are these? They both ask if I want to add something to the registry.

Should I run them, ignore them, delete them or other?

8th October 2006, 12:03
Don't worry about them. They are little reg files.

1. Resets your VobBlanker (http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/vobblanker.htm) settings to default.

2. Resets the VobBlanker (http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/vobblanker.htm) window position to default.

An amazing amount of info can be gleaned by right clicking these files and selecting edit. It's all explained in there for you.


8th October 2006, 12:55
Wilco. Thanks.