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20th December 2001, 06:45
is it possible to insert subtitels in avi file
so get 1 file whit subs

20th December 2001, 09:15
yes it is possible using SubMux and DVobSub DS filter installed to display them on playback.. Though you can only mux srt files into the avi right now.. Just use SubRip to create the srt file.

21st December 2001, 19:00
i try to mux but get a little avi file unplayble

21st December 2001, 20:30
It is probably because of the badly mixed mp3 audio track in the source avi.

23rd December 2001, 19:40
It is probably because of the badly mixed mp3 audio track in the source avi. Could you please clarify, I've had the same problem. Audio was VBR mixed by GKnot. Should audio be only CBR?

23rd December 2001, 20:17
By Avery Lee @ VirtualDub's news page (http://www186.pair.com/vdub/virtualdub_news.html) under 12/02/2001: How seeking in AVI really works, a.k.a. why your sync is off:

So everything is hunky dory and we can use VBR audio, right? Unfortunately, not really.

First, DirectShow's buffering does not seem to react very quickly to VBR audio, and if you have high variance in the audio stream, it can cause the video playback to suddenly speed up or slow down. Second, neither DirectShow nor AVIFile will write out an audio stream in this way, so nearly any other program will trash the AVI file when it's rewritten. DirectShow actually refuses to rewrite the stream with an "The data is invalid" error if you try using GraphEdit in a direct copy configuration (File reader -> AVI splitter -> AVI mux -> File writer), even though it works if you disconnect the audio stream or decompress it, or use a regular AVI file.

This reffers to nandub multiplexed mp3 audio, but as I noticed this "data is invalid" error happens quite often with other sources too.

23rd December 2001, 20:38
Thanks, gabest. You should mention this in submux.txt, until now I thought it was submux's fault.

Btw, are there any chance that you will make DVobSub 2.06 installer?