View Full Version : Length of sound increaces after lame

19th December 2001, 19:52
I have encoded a wav file into a vbr lame mp3 but after I do that the length of the sound track is about 6 minutes longer :confused: I haven't had this problem before and I am wondering if it could be the new version of lame that I recently got. Does anyone know what this problem could be? I am running lame 3.89 beta under winxp (although I don't think it is the problem, I have had it a while now and only recently the problem started).

Thanks for the help

19th December 2001, 20:23
... Windows is unable of determining the length of a VBR MP3 correctly... check actual running length in your player ...

19th December 2001, 20:37
I did it is still many minutes too long, I discovered this when I finished encoding a tv show only to play it and find out that the sound progressively goes out of sync, until it gets to the end and the sound is about 6 minutes out of sync. This is also not a long show, it is 20 minutes total.