View Full Version : Question to TheWef

19th December 2001, 14:25
First i will apologize as this really isn't the place to ask this question.. But since this is more directed towards you i though i would post it here.. And second i remember seeing this posted a little while ago but i have searched back 5 or so pages and haven't found it. What is the Delphi struct that you use to create the SetCompData for the Divx 4.x codec and what functions do you use in delphi to convert it to a base64? thanks for the information and sorry again if this isn't in the right place..

19th December 2001, 15:23
of course you wanna know that, because it took me days to figure out how this shit works. ;)
send me mail (auf deutsch wenn du willst), tell me what you need it for and i will help you.


20th December 2001, 00:29
I would also be very interested in this information.