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20th September 2006, 04:01
I am planning to made a complete capture of all the CS in the ps2 game Xenosaga III. In order to do that, I bought the Wintv 150 mce from ebay and i got ti today. I mamage to made a few capture with the wintv2000 program, but the picture quality didn;t turn out to be as good as i had hoped. What would be a good format to captuire it in if i intend to run with divx and run soem filter eith it?

20th September 2006, 07:41
Welcome to the forum.

Many people run with 3rd party capture software, and sometimes with alternative drivers for their capture devices.

The general consensus among members, for maximizing quality with our low-end analog capture cards, is to capture losslessly (or nearly losslessly), and then convert to final format after capture.

Our FAQ: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=32575

Our very detailed guide: http://www.doom9.org/capture/start.html

24th September 2006, 08:29
I tried dscaler and iuvcr and they give em pretty damn good video quality, but here is a problem i got no audio. The proble is it seems it was thiking the card would coem from my soundblaster card instead of the tv card. Anyone got suggestion?

24th September 2006, 14:53
Sound *does not* need to go through your capture card, unless you are capturing using the card's RF tuner. In that case, it must be routed back through your sound card anyway -- typically with a short patch cord supplied with your capture card.

Most capture cards will allow for audio inputs when using non-RF video as a connection convenience, and will merely route audio back through the patch cord to your soundcard. This allows the user to switch between RF tuner and other inputs without doing any recabling.

Most of us capture composite or S-video, which offer higher image quality than RF, and, unless we use our tuners, we will route audio directly to our sound cards, skipping the patch cord.

Your local audio supply store will stock the appropriate cabling, whether you need a "Y" cable for directly connecting your stereo audio to your sound card, or if you cannot find the short patch cord supplied with your capture card, or need a longer one.

24th September 2006, 17:53
I would recommend, when you pass by your electronics retailer to get the audio cable adapter, to get an S-Video cable for your PS2, that will boost the video quality tremendously (roughly 60% sharper at the same capture resolution)

25th September 2006, 03:48
I got very blocky look when i try capture soem high motion screen with wintv 2000. It grabby up so much it is close to unwatchable.

And audio adaptor? I have the wintv 150 mce edition, and i got both the yellow and red audio jack already.

Also, wintv 150 seem to work very bad with wirtualdub since half of the setting in the tutorial can;t be enable in the card

25th September 2006, 09:45
Xellos, the adapter is about bypassing your TV card and inputting the sound directly to your audio card, so that DScaler can capture your audio too.

As for the capture using the standard plugs and your standard capture software, the blockiness is due to low bitrate. Look if you can increase the bitrate to 8Mbit/s or higher. This will result in about 70MB per minute and should ensure minimal blockiness (you can't exclude blockiness, these are the limits of live MPEG-2 capturing).

25th October 2006, 22:48
I finally end up buying Y-adapter Audio Cable from radioshack, that should allow me to connect red and white cable directly to line in on the sound card, right