View Full Version : What if I open the NEW stat file in GK ?

19th December 2001, 12:17
I usually give the right bitrate to reach 100% of quality.
What I do is open the FIRST stat file, modify keyframes manually, put the frame number into the end credits, push calculate, save the .ecf and save the NEW stat file. Give for example, that for a 100% quality the needed bitrate is 800.
I noticed casually, that if u open the NEW stat file saved, it gives u a different % of quality (more quality so the textbox became red) still giving a bitrate of 800.
What if I use the bitrate that gives me 100% based on the NEW stat file ??? (cause usually its less). Could it be the RIGHT bitrate to give ???. I dont want to think that doesnt happen a recalculation of the quality based on the NEW stat file created in memory after the 'calculate' button is pressed.

Just a thought for TheWef

19th December 2001, 12:22
Why don't u just load up the default first pass vcf in nandub then tick no avi output so that it is not selected then hit "save as AVI..". This will give u a quality of 100%

19th December 2001, 12:30
Cause I need to modify keyframes, end credits and apply luma correction etc.

19th December 2001, 13:38
if you are encoding at 100% you completely missed the point of 2-pass sbc encoding.
and i'm sure you don't understand what drf-levels are or what luma-correction does.

so - back to the start, read the guides... ;)


19th December 2001, 13:57
NO, I know what they r.
The problem is that I'm pointing to the quality, and
correct me if I'm wrong, there is no best than a 100%
I use gknot to help crop, resize, filter, put right keyframes,
but for the rest its everytime a 100% encoding...this is it.
Btw did u understand the problem I pointed out ?

19th December 2001, 14:08
the "problem" you pointed out is there because bitrate is an integer-value.

so, what do you think is luma-correction doing if you are encoding at 100%?


19th December 2001, 14:50
I think Luma noise will do anything at 100%.
What about the integer type of bitrate ?
I think the bitrate of the new stat file is less 'cause of credits.
I'm coscient that if u encode at 100% u dont use anything else, cause every frame is at drf=2