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18th December 2001, 10:30
I was just woundering what size you would set the tittle pic to so it shows it all when you play the cd. I had set it to 650x650 and it misses most of the tittle pic.

18th December 2001, 21:31
yeah I'm wondering myself. My guess is 480x480.
DefaultChangeCD.bmp 480x576 which is PAL, 480x480 is NTSC
DefaultTitlepicture.bmp 240x240 which is half of NTSC spec.

19th December 2001, 23:47
same question here...im going to be designing a couple xmas cds for presents soon with custom title graphics etc and i need to know what the optimal size would be for this images. thanks


20th December 2001, 00:33
Shouldn't this be more like 704x480 (NTSC) or 704x576 (PAL)? This is the correct resolution for mpeg1 (VCD) stills at least ... some hints on how to encode mpeg2 SVCD stills are here: http://forums.vcdimager.org/viewtopic.php?topic=23&forum=2&8 - I am not sure how dvd2svcd does it.
Your TV set will crop off a few (up 10?) percent on each side, so take that into consideration. The demo VCD made by vitualis contains a nice cropping indicator to give you an idea of the amount of cropping (it can be found on the vcdimager site).

20th December 2001, 03:04
this is what I believe DVD2SVCD does currently. Note the part that says "Must contain motion video
Sequence Items
Each "sequence" is put in its own CD track. Motion video stream is
required, with optionally up to 2 audio streams.

* Can be directly accessed without requiring PBC.
* Entry points.
* Pregap of 150 empty sectors.
* Limit of 98 sequences.
* Must contain motion video

this is for mpeg stills for VCD 2.0 and SVCDs
Segment Items
Segment items are stored in the so-called SPI area, which consists
of up to 1980 allocation units which are called "segments". Each
segment consists of 150 XA form 2 sectors. Thus the SPI area can
contain up to 658 mb of realtime data. (1980 * 150 * 2324 = 690228000 bytes)

A segment (play) item is a MPEG stream stored in one or more
consecutive segments. A segment item can be
* MPEG video with _optional_ MPEG audio.
* MPEG encoded still pictures with _optional_ MPEG audio.
* MPEG audio only (which allows for several hours of audio only play back).

* Up to 1980 segment items possible.
* Still pictures and audio only MPEG streams allowed.
* No pre-gaps.
* Only PBC accessible through PBC.
* Segement item size limited by SPI area size.

I was under the impression it's not an mpeg still "segment" because if it was then no mpeg motion would be allowed. I do up to 1900 segments using Ulead DVD PictureShow works awesome and yes the resolutions are NTSC: 704x480, PAL: 704x576
http://www.ulead.com/dps/faq1.htm#q10 see Q10
Yes I know it's VCD 2.0 but it has the same specs for still images as SVCD.

Sidenote...no one has ever corrected anything in those references so I might be way off base and not know what the hell I'm talking about. Please correct if they're wrong or if you have suggestions.
So I believe my data about Title and Change cd pic in the Advanced Reference is WRONG and is not stills like I orginally thought.

20th December 2001, 10:23
Thanks everyone for your imput, I try the the PAL res and see how I get on.