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22nd August 2006, 21:13
Hi guys...

Nothing new:
I'm about to backup my whole CD collection (and some DVD audio in the process).
I don't want AAC/MP3/etc, because they have very good quality, but they don't have some nice feats: meta tags, lyrics, covers, to be able to play them in my MP3 player...
So now, which format would be the best? Both of them seems to support the feats I want. Also, both of them have 5.1 channel support.

Any comments or experiences?


Edit: also I have a doubt... using AC3Filter, I can decompose my MP3 to 5.1. But, can I do the same with WMA?

Mc Onyx
25th August 2006, 19:43
AFAIK AAC has the things mentioned if you use a MP4 tagger like in YAMB, but for MP3 i'm not sure. Use search or visit HydrogenAudio, but if you decide to use WMA, use the latest WMA12 and only PRO, because the standard version is not nearly as good as PRO, like i said use serach, there are few quite good tests by the community.

25th August 2006, 19:48
Yes, I did search (a lot I would say), but I always find excelent information here =)
I also found some good info in HydrogenAudio regarding WMA.

One bad thing I found about the Pro version, is that the only program I found that encodes using it's full quality is Windows Media Encoder... but is not a ripper. I didn't find any ripper that supports WMA 10 Pro.

BTW, what do you mean with WMA12?

Mc Onyx
25th August 2006, 20:48
Sorry i meant WMA11, encoder which comes with the new Windows Media Player 11 and WMV VC-1 video codec. Apparently it comes with very good quality at lower bitrates and i think Microsoft developed it for it's Zune player(my guess only!).As for ripping you could try using WinAmp and it's ripper and WMA encoder, but it doesn't support multichannel. Yes it would be very nice if Dimzon could use the Winamp encoder in BeHappy, like with it's AAC encoder, but that's up to him. :)