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14th August 2006, 10:53
I recorded a film of Digital-TV using my Hauppage Digi-TV card. Due to bad reception, there were many transmission errors. When I try to demux in

Project X I get these errors:

13 August 2006 19:39:27 o'clock BST
ProjectX (30.03.2006)

-> working with collection 0

-> save normal log file
-> write all video data
-> write all other data
-> create *.idd Projectfile on demux: Mpeg2Schnitt idd version: V2/A3
-> create *.d2v Projectfile on demux:
-> patch c.d.flagged infos of pictures
-> add sequence end code
-> set resolution in SDE
-> PVA: strictly specs. for audio streams
-> VOB: determine diff. Cell timelines
-> TS: ignore scrambled packets
-> TS: enhanced search for open packets
-> TS: join file segments (of Dreambox®)
-> TS: generate PMT stream dependent
-> get only enclosed PES/TS packets
-> concatenate different recordings
-> Video: ignore errors after 1st PTS/GOP
-> ensure 1st PES-packet start with video
-> generate PCR/SCR from PTS

-> write output files to: 'E:\My Documents\MastermindOnly\record\Film4'

-> Input File 0: 'E:\My Documents\MastermindOnly\record\Film4\Toterlone.mpg' (1,739,786,436 bytes)
-> Filetype is MPEG-2 PS/SS (PES Container)
-> demux
-> found PES-ID 0xE0 (MPEG Video) @ 14
-> found PES-ID 0xC0 (MPEG Audio) @ 67444
-> video basics: 720*576 @ 25fps @ 0.7031 (16:9) @ 15000000bps, vbvBuffer 112
-> starting export of video data @ GOP# 0
!> PTS difference of 7200 (00:00:00.080) to last exported GOP detected
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 439 / new Timecode 00:08:27.040
!> PTS difference of 10800 (00:00:00.120) to last exported GOP detected
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 1376 / new Timecode 00:26:08.600
!> PTS difference of 7200 (00:00:00.080) to last exported GOP detected
!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP# 1381 / new Timecode 00:26:13.240
!> wrong frametype 0, tref 0
!> startPTS of GOP# 1610 is earlier than the end of last GOP.. (exp. 228498228)

!> an error has occured.. (please inform the authors at 'forum.dvbtechnics.info')
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 78038
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.io.IDDBufferedOutputStream.write(IDDBufferedOutputStream.java:186)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.Gop.goptest(Gop.java:1286)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.Gop.goptest(Gop.java:182)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.StreamDemultiplexer.writeVideo(StreamDemultiplexer.java:1142)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.StreamParserPESPrimary.parseStream(StreamParserPESPrimary.java:1033)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.StreamParser.parseStream(StreamParser.java:92)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.MainProcess.processCollection(MainProcess.java:920)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.MainProcess.startProcessing(MainProcess.java:366)
at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.parser.MainProcess.run(MainProcess.java:151)

-> we have 9 warnings/errors.

14th August 2006, 11:33
Have you tried de-muxing the streams using DGIndex?

14th August 2006, 12:11
Have you tried de-muxing the streams using DGIndex?

Can you give me a quick guide/tour of DGIndex please..

14th August 2006, 13:00
Step 01: Make sure you have the latest version of DGIndex (http://neuron2.net/dgmpgdec/dgmpgdec.html) (which is 1.4.8): -


Step 02: Launch DGIndex and "drag-and-drop" your captured stream into the window: -


....and press OK

Step 03: If any warning notices appear just press OK. And with any luck your capture should appear in the window... Something like this: -


Step 04: Click on "File" and select "Save Project and Demux Video". And select where you want to save your streams: -


Step 05: If the de-muxing works you should have "at least" three streams: -


That should get you started....


14th August 2006, 13:05
What movie is that?

14th August 2006, 13:29
What movie is that?
It's an broadcast 720x576 "progressive" (50 frames-per-second) MPEG-2 test sample from Australia :)

15th August 2006, 16:14
er, I still don't get. More visual please?

I wanna see more digital :D :D :D

Someone somewhere must be aiming the satellite dish somewhere...:D

15th August 2006, 17:24
She's got "nice hands"... as my grandfather would say ;)

15th August 2006, 17:27
I'm completely distracted now. What was this thread about? :)

15th August 2006, 17:31
Gents, please keep rule 3 in mind. Thank you.