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10th August 2006, 09:50
I Try To Shrink A Dvd-9 To A Dvd-5 But It Wont Go The Red Bar At The Top In Dvd Shrink Stays Red. It Should Go To Green But Does'nt.

Anyone Can Help

10th August 2006, 15:34
Have you tried the reauthor feature? So you can eliminate some of the extras.

What movie is it? Maybe someone has had a similar problem with it
that they resolved and would share. Or maybe it is one of the newer Ripguard protected Sony movies that Shrink can't cope with.

You may want to try 'Ripit4me'.


10th August 2006, 18:02

When DVD Shrink first opens your project, it checks not only for compliance but also for compressibility of the source material. Depending on how the source was compressed (a lot of "crammed" studio disks are right on the edge of acceptable compression), there may be times when a given disk can't be reduced "as is" and still result in acceptable quality. In these instances, DVD Shrink will stay in the red under "automatic" compression settings.

Your only option is to see what you can stand to remove. As Feedback suggested, using Ripit4Me to re-rip your original disk onto your hard drive is a good place to start. This is because many (okay, MOST) studio disks have a lot of unreferenced material that takes up space, and Ripit4Me will remove all that from the get-go. (Most of this unreferenced material is simply black video "blocks" that are never accessed during normal play... but Shrink still accounts for these and tries to fit them on a 4.35 disk.) Also (again, a nod to Feedback) some of the newer copy protection schemes use protected sectors that take up space... but Ripit4Me automatically removes these.

Once done, you'll have as lean an original as one could hope for, and you can use DVD Shrink to simply uncheck sound streams you won't need, and blank out extras you really don't care to keep using the option to replace a title with a still frame (which reads something along the lines of "video has been removed"). My only word of caution is that some disks are rigged to begin with movie previews, and if you use the still frame option to remove these, your disk will start with that "video has been removed" frame. You'll have to use your remote control to access the disk's main menu in this case.

Since DVD5 blanks are fairly cheap these days, you could always give your backup the two-disk treatment, blanking the bonus features on one disk but leaving the main movie "as is," while blanking the movie on disk 2 and making yourself a bonus disk.

Just a few ideas, but they should put you back in the green again within DVD Shrink.

10th August 2006, 18:39


What is the Region number and Title of the DVD?

11th August 2006, 07:46
In a few cases having the main title with one audio stream only might still exceed the limit since the bitrate is too high. In that case you could be lucky that cutting the end credits in reauthor mode will do the trick, alternatively you gotta shrink the movie twice.