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Commander XJL
16th December 2001, 23:43
With Smartripper, select just the main movie. Go to stream processing, and I select just the video file, the english ac3 track, and ”others” and you want direct stream processing set for each. In settings under file splitting check every vob file. You should be able to leave everything else at its default settings. Now rip to a new folder named whatever you wish. When ripping is done, I make another new folder called new ifo’s. Now launch Ifoedit (you must use latest version!). Hit open, and navigate to the folder where you ripped the movie. Open the vts_01_0.ifo file. Hit vob extra’s and check correct vob unit pointers, remove P-UOps, correct IFO tables, and create new VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO check those 4 things and nothing else. Save to your new ifo's folder. Hit ok and let Ifoedit do its thing. Save as BUP when asked at the end. Now go back to the folder where you ripped the movie and throw out everything except the vob files themselves. Go to the folder where you saved the new Ifo files and move them into the movie folder. Now rename your vobs from (example) vts_03_1.vob to vts_01_1.vob so they match your new ifo’s. Now launch Ifoedit again, hit open, go back to your movie folder and open each ifo file and run get vts sectors. Hit save on each one and save over the original. Name your movie folder to VIDEO_TS. Thats it. Its very fast and easy, and you get chapters, ac3, and everything works perfect. This method is for copying just the movie which is all I care about. I’ve done several movies now and there flawless in my standalone. I burn with PrimoDVD. Hope this helps!

17th December 2001, 00:03

you say to "Now launch Ifoedit again, hit open, go back to your movie folder and open each ifo file and run get vts sectors."

there are only 2 ifo files: video_ts.ifo and vts_01_0.ifo.

should each vob have it's own ifo? (they don't when i do it)
if not,
which ifo do you do first...video_ts.ifo or vts_01_0.ifo?

where can i get primodvd (i'm using neodvd - came with my burner).

wow....almost there...i can feel it.

thanks for your specific help.

17th December 2001, 00:15
You should only have 2 ifo files (video_ts.ifo and vts_01_0.ifo). Open VTS_01_0.ifo first, then VIDEO_TS.ifo.

17th December 2001, 00:22
cool...thanks, i'll try it.

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 00:41
Chumboy, too bad your set to not recieve emails, I know where you can "get" PrimoDVD

17th December 2001, 00:52

just tried your method step-by-step.

works fine except that i only have 4 chapters.

fyi...ifoedit.75 did not ask me to save the bup's (as in earlier versions), but it seemed to make them for the video_ts.bup and vts_01_0.bup.

this is so frustrating!

seems like it should work...

will try one more time...

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 00:57
I have version 0.71 ( thought this was latest). It asks me twice at the end to save bup files and I choose yes for both. It sounds like your version is making them automatically? I don't know why this would keep it from working. It sounds like your getting 1 chapter for each vob? Don't give up it works, I have 4 movies now to prove it

17th December 2001, 01:04
never say die!!!

99% of the fun is trying to make it work.
what a rush when you finally get it.

kinda downhill after that.

bonus rush for passing down the knowledge.

i'll keep pluggin away.

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 01:34

I found the only thing that could be causing the only four chapters trouble. If you are using powerdvd to check your movie, make sure you click Open DVD File On Hard Disk and double click the first IFO file. If you are loading the files by clicking open media files, then each vob will be a chapter. This is all I can think of. I just built a 5th movie and again its perfect. I haven't burned it yet but I burned the other 4 (I'm out of disks)

17th December 2001, 01:40
you mean when i choose:

menu (edit playlist)

only load the ifo file?

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 01:46
You hit control O (for open) or click the little disk icon next to your controls, hit Open dvd file on hard disk drive and double click the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. You don't use the menu playlist, if you are then you are loading the vobs and thats the trouble. You'll probably find your dvd is perfect and you just weren't checking it right

17th December 2001, 01:51
Every time I tell it to VOB extras and do all those steps it says "IfoEdit.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Any Ideas? I'm using v0.75.

17th December 2001, 02:23

if i click the little disk icon next to the controls, it takes powerdvd from "disc mode" to "file mode".

where do i find "Open dvd file on hard disk drive " button you are talking about?

the only way it seems to load a file is to click on the "menu" icon. that takes you to the edit play list.

i'm using powerdvd for windows xp.

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 02:57
hit the disk icon or control o, select the text that says open dvd file on hard disk. then you will be taken to an open dialog box. then navigate to your movie folder and open the ifo

17th December 2001, 03:21
we must have different versions of powerdvd.

i click the disc icon next to the control wheel and it changes to file mode. click it again and it changes to disc mode.

i don't get any text that says "open dvd file on hard disk".

17th December 2001, 03:38
What happens when you press control O? Does your PowerDVD background screen say "PowerDVD xp"? It really sounds like you have PowerDVD 3.0 because that version didn't seem to have the option to "Open DVD File on Hard Disk". If you still can't get this to work then I'd suggest downloading PowerDVD XP again.

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 04:15
Mickey is right, you must not have powerdvd XP or if you do something is wrong with it.

17th December 2001, 05:41
WOW...that was it!!!
i had powerdvd 3.0 with the xp add-on.
not powerdvd 4.0 xp!

commander, you're method works!

you guys are awesome!

the dvd's work fine...all chapters are there!
on both my puter and standalone player.

many, many thanks commander!

17th December 2001, 05:41
Can't seem to get WinDVD to play the .ifo file. Is there a trick to do this?


17th December 2001, 05:59
From what I remember, the trick is that WinDVD does not play the ifo files...only PowerDVD XP

"Commander, you da man!" :D

17th December 2001, 06:04
Found the problem. Just go into properties and set the default DVD drive to the HD that your VIDEO_TS folder is on. Voila!


17th December 2001, 15:54

You are DA MAN!!! That was awesome (and ultimately) simple.

Now, the next step:

How to lower the bit rate on movies that won't fit on 4.3gig dvd-r.

i assume we'd use the same steps, but utilize ReMpeg in the middle.

17th December 2001, 16:22

if i rip the movie and it is vts_05_*, when i open it's ifo file, it wants to save it as 05 ifo. should i rename it to 01 ifo prior to saving in the new directory?

seems so, then when i rename all the 05 vob's to 01, they'll match the newly created 01 ifo file.

your thoughts?

i'm trying it now and will let you know.


it worked perfectly!

17th December 2001, 17:56

I'm new to the dvd copy thing...

but following your method I have just copied Tarzan with no probs at all, playback worked on my pc, will try the set top box tonight... but things are looking good..

I did not have to rempeg the film as it was below 4.7gb

Do I have to rempeg all vobs on larger movies or can I just rempeg a couple of the vobs??

Commander XJL
17th December 2001, 21:35
For movies that are too big I use TMPGEnc then mux the ac3 track with bbmpeg. I haven't even use rempeg yet but will try it for next large movie. But I've been using the Ifoedit method for movies up to 2 hours and 10 minutes if you just rip the english track

17th December 2001, 22:07
I tried your method as posted at the beginning.I used smartripper and came up with a file of 3.9 gigs. I made another file called new ifos and fired up ifoedit.opened up ifo extras and set everything exactly as described,but as soon as I try to save it to the new folder it runs for about 1 second and ifoedit closes.I tried ripping the movie twice just to make sure,but it did the same thing both times.I would like to use this method because I,m only interested in putting the movie on the dvd and not all of the extras.Any help would be appreciated.THANKS

17th December 2001, 22:26
Originally posted by troyb

Have you ripped the original IFO file too?

To use the 'Create VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO', you will need at least following original files, if your movie is in VTS_02_x.xxx:

17th December 2001, 23:07
Yes I had all 4 of these files in the folder along with the vob files.I'm going to try to rip one of my other dvds in a little while and see if it does any better.

18th December 2001, 01:46
I just tried another one and it did the same thing. Here is a list of files I have after I ripped just the movie with smartripper.I must be missing something.


Is there something I dont have set right in smartripper? I appreciate the help!

18th December 2001, 01:54
Get IFO Edit .75 and follow the instructions on this link


18th December 2001, 02:26
Originally posted by troyb

Is there something I dont have set right in smartripper? I appreciate the help!

Some of them are realy strange files! You are definatly doing something wrong.

A usual rip looks like this:

There's no .idx file, and no file without extension.

Rip again, but this time use the 'File' Mode with smartripper.
Don't use the 'Movie' mode, and in no case use stream-processing.
It's alway's the best, to rip all files in 'File' Mode, cause
sometimes you will be needing, to put some of the other VTS_xx_x.xxx
files aswell on your DVD-RW, so that it will be playable in your settop player.

Tomorrow I will put a right ripping-doc with smartripper on my site.

18th December 2001, 08:04
Commander did u ever consider what happens if the m2v+ac3 stream is over 4.7 gig :0

Happenedf 2 me twice already how are u using tmpg to fix it

Commander XJL
18th December 2001, 11:23
Keep in mind if you don't use stream processing (which I have never had trouble with) you will be limiting yourself on how long of a movie you can do since your not getting rid of all the extra language tracks you don't need, they can add up to more than a gig easy.


are you ripping as vobs or seperate m2v and ac3 files? If you do have a movie that won't fit then you need to encode the m2v file to a lower bitrate then remux the ac3 track with your new m2v file. Then you can build with dvdwise or another authoring app, plus there are other ways to make it fit also, some people use rempeg, but most say the quality is not as good as TMPGenc. I've been encoding for 2 years and I consistantly here most everyone say TMPGenc is the best app for encoding, I know I make SVCD's that look almost identical to the original DVD. If you want to know about encoding with TMPGenc go here:


19th December 2001, 13:42
Commander thanks for the procedure on dvd copy with ifoedit and many thanks derrow for the prog, your the man..

I have just copied perl Harbour and Gladiator with no probs at all.

I use rempeg, I know people are saying cce is better but rempeg to me is so simple to use and the quality is good enough for me.

I'm using a spare Dell poweredge 4400 server dual PIII xeon cpus and 2gb ram, is rempeg mutilthreaded? as it does take some time. (just a little moan)

Does anyone know of an outlet for cheap dvdr's in the uk? i have found http://www.valuemedia.co.uk/dvd.htm £20 for 5 unbranded which is not to bad.

But thanks again for the advice I am a happy man now that I can rip dvd's.

20th December 2001, 02:59
Commander, I was wondering if you can help me with problems I'm having in remuxing. I often find a lot of DVD with more than 4,7 GB just for the main movie (even when I've stripped some streams). So I used REMPEG to reencode, used the cffl files to open the Vobs, got one .m2v file and then remux it with IFOEDIT .71 (I haven't tried the latest version yet). And then I did the rest of the processes, burn it with Nero.

The DVD worked fine, the main movie quality is ofcourse decreased since I'm using REMPEG. Chapters and subtitles also fine. The problem is with most of the DVD I'm remuxing with IFOEDIT, the audio and video is often out of synch. Or, the a/v is synch but I'm getting picture problem (jitters) every several seconds (I used "Enemy at the gates" DVD).

With one movie I tried "Planet of the Apes", after stripping some streams with IFOEDIT 0.71 (and not reencoding the movie), correcting VOBs and recalculating tables, the movie would work BUT because of it has a multiple angles on several points the other angles would appear and disappear randomly and often the movie is looped on those points where the other angles would reappearing. To make it worse, the whole movie itself after stripping is around 5 Gigs which I need to reencode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


20th December 2001, 03:44
I havn't verified this but you could try CladDVD, it has the option to skip multi angles.

20th December 2001, 09:29

Are you using smartripper 2.41 is the latest ver.

I follow commander XJL's guide on copying a movie with Ifoedit and with smartripper I have no problems on multi-angle movies (I use rempeg on the larger films), I use PrimoDVD with the latest fixes to burn the dvd and have had 100% success so far.:)

20th December 2001, 15:05
Hi nettley. I will try using the latest version of smartripper and using Ifoedit 0.75.



21st December 2001, 10:27
Oh dear,

Having watched Gladiator on my set top box, I have noticed that certain scenes the audio is slighty out of sync but later on in the movie it's all ok for a while.

Any ideas?

I used smartripper to rip the main movie, used rempeg to reduce the bitrate and then ifoedit to rebuild it.

I do not want to waiste to many dvdr's on this but it would good to know what to do for future burning..

I not here for 2 weeks now, so merry xmas. :cool:

26th December 2001, 10:36
Please help me, the DVD+RWs do not work always on my standalone player.
First DVD
I ripped a movie and have the files:


I did everything like described in this thread and the DVD was fine. No problems in my player.

Second DVD
I ripped a movie containing:


The movie was nearly 5 GB, so I used "Stream Processing" in Smart Ripper and only select the NTSC movie and the english audio track and "others" (the original movie contained 7 audio tracks). So the result was a 4.1 GB rip.
I did everything like described in this thread but the DVD did not play in my standalone.
What I saw was that the new ifo files contains information about all audio tracks, the tracks I did not rip as well.

Any idea why this example does not play?

26th December 2001, 14:08
Yes, unless you've gotten another burner program. According to your earlier post the software that comes with the Ricoh will not pass both tests from http://mpucoder.kewlhair.com/
which means it does not examine the contents of ifo files to determine the correct DVD layout.

28th December 2001, 10:48
mpucoder, you are right. The "B's recorder" did not identify the image structure as a Video DVD!

I made a lot of tests and now found the reason: My project must contain a VIDEO_TS directory and an empty AUDIO_TS directory. Then B's recorder identifies the project as a Video DVD and places the data on right position on the DVD+RW. I ripped some DVDs whose movies are less than 4.3 GB and it always worked fine, with the test images as well. My fault was always the missing "AUDIO_TS" folder.

BTW, Nero did not made one correct DVD+RW that can be played in my standalone! I have tried a lot of images with Nero and nearly all combinations of settings, no chance. :-(

So I now have only one last problem. I ripped a movie, but with stream processing: The NTSC picture and only the English audio track (6 audio tracks included). After using IFOEdit like described and burning the image, the DVD was accepted by my standalone player. But it jumps automatically into each chapter, plays 1 or two seconds and jumps into the next chapter. Any idea?

28th December 2001, 12:10
My problem too
ive burned with prassi primo dvd 2
and my panasonic players plays chapter to chapter about 2 seconds

1 ripped full movie with sr 2,41
2 strip streams, correct vob units, correct ifo, remove p-uops,
create new video_ts ifo

but when ifoedit .8 is ready with writing destination vobs the it closes automatic ( no new ifo created, no correcting vob units )

does anyone knows this problem

please help out this prob


burner is an pioneer a03

ollie slats
28th December 2001, 14:36
Same thing happens to me, I just run ifoedit .8 again,tell it to
make new VIDEO_TS.IFO etc. ONLY, and point it to the destination of
the new VOBs it made just before it shut-dwn. it runs through
the org. VOBs then it writes out the new VIDEO_TS.IFO etc. to the new vobs destination dir.
THen I load the new IFO's and use the GET SECTORS button on each
of the new IFOs save them,burn and it all works (43 times this week)

good luck, and stay off crack.

ollie slats

28th December 2001, 15:44

I will check my source code, and put some error-handling routines in.
This should help to figure out, what's going wrong.

29th December 2001, 00:39
Hi guys,

I think I know what's going wrong when Ifoedit quits before writting the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. You must copy this file manually from your DVD. When you use Smartripper, this file is NOT copied to your HD and it seens that Ifoedit needs it to write the new version.



29th December 2001, 13:48
Originally posted by gdornas
I think I know what's going wrong when Ifoedit quits before writting the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. You must copy this file manually from your DVD.

Yes that's right. If you use the 'Strip' option, then the original VIDEO_TS.IFO will be opened by IfoEdit too, to adjust the new Audio/Subpicture attributes.

And if it is missing, then IfoEdit might crash, due to less of error handling.

29th December 2001, 15:19
@Derrow: Sorry, but it does not work in my case. I ripped


with stream processing (Movie and english AC3 only). IFOEdit starts and after I start "Vob Extras" "Processing Source VOB" works correctly, the "Changing VOB navigation packs" opens but the progress bar does not begin to fill and in the same moment the final message "Finished correcting VOBU pointers!" appears. Any idea? Do I something wrong?

30th December 2001, 03:58
I don't understand the renaming VOB step. Could someone please elaborate?



30th December 2001, 17:05
When ripping just the movie (after you follow all of the other steps) unless your VOBs are already named (for example)


you will have to rename them as such. So if it's named like this (for example)


(once IFO edit creates the files for you, then rename your movie VOBs to the following)


Then finish up with IFO Edit

You need to do this so that it will play right on your player. Why you may ask? Because it works that way <G>

ollie slats
30th December 2001, 19:27
***Hi guys,

I think I know what's going wrong when Ifoedit quits before writting the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. You must copy this file manually from your DVD. When you use Smartripper, this file is NOT copied to your HD and it seens that Ifoedit needs it to write the new version.



that's right, I added the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and it finished OK,
then I deleted the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, and ran it again, just to see
what would happen, it crashed with out it.

So you've got to have that VIDEO_TS.IFO file for it to work right

Thanks for all the support and your time too!

31st December 2001, 03:21
I would just like to say "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU". I have been trying copy DVDs by ripping and converting them to mpg form as well as from downloaded mpg's and they have been coming out like crap. (movie tiles and/or audio stream is off from video when played in stand alone)

I followed you directions for using IfoEdit and to copy DVDs has worked PERFECTLY!!!!!

I figured I needed to be able to copy DVDs before I try converting and putting mpg's onto DVDs. I'm sure that I'll be posting here more and more for "little" problems.

Again, just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!

31st December 2001, 08:26
Thanks for this very usefull prog and for the answers how to work with

I wish you a happy new year and a nice party today:D