View Full Version : After IfoEdit does it's thing...do you need to "author" prior to burning?

16th December 2001, 21:22
do i need to use an authoring app on what ifoedit has created?
ifoedit output works fine on my puter, but fails on my standalone.

hoping derrow will post his "how-to's" on various methods of copying.

Commander XJL
16th December 2001, 23:13
What are you trying to copy, just the movie or whole dvd? If you want just the movie than no you don't have any more steps after Ifoedit except burn. If Ifoedit is failing on your stanalone you either have a standalone that won't play dvdr's or your doing something wrong, I've done numorous movies now with Ifoedit and they all play perfect on standalone. You should list the exact steps your taking with the ifoedit method so we can check them

16th December 2001, 23:57
i want to copy just the movie, complete with it's chapters.

rip just the video, ac3, and "others"

open ripped ifo file
vob extras - create video_ts and vts_01 - correct ifo tables - correct vob-unit pointers (no remove p-uops).
save as bup
get vts sectors

dump all files into VIDEO_TS folder
burn folder to dvd-r root.

just as you described in: http://rilanparty.com/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11299

any thoughts?

actually, this produces a movie that plays on my standalone, but there are only 4 chapters (one for each vob).