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16th December 2001, 20:23
I ripped on HD a whole dvd with smartripper.
This is the structure:

Vts_01_0.vob (In this vob there is the root menu and the chapeter menu of the main movie)

This are the vob id from Vts_01_1.vob to Vts_01_7.vob

Vod Id n.1= Main Movie 1st part
Vob Id n.2= Main Movie 1st part
Vob Id n.3= control block 10Kb
Vob Id n.4= Main Movie 2nd part
Vob Id n.5= control block 10Kb
Vob Id n.6= Trailer Mený 300Kb
Vob Id n.7= Trailer 1
Vob Id n.8= Trailer 2
Vob Id n.9= Trailer 3
Vob Id n.10= Trailer 4
Vob Id n.11= Trailer 5
Vob Id n.12= Trailer 6
Vob Id n.13= Trailer 7
Vob Id n.14= I don't want
Vob Id n.15= I don't want
Vob Id n.24= I don't want

I want the main movie with the root and chapter menu, the menu of the trailer and the trailer.
I ripped away the vob id from 14 to 24 with ifoedit 0.75 and then i used rempeg to reduce all (vob id from 1 to 13) to 4.3 Gb.
There is a problem when using rempeg because the control block (vob id 3) makes a wrong encoding.
Vob id 1 and 2 are good encoded but the vob id 4 after the control block (vob id 3) is wrong encoded.
So i tried to rip away vob id 3 and 5 but i have problem with vob id 6 that make the vob id 7 to 13 wrong encoded.
I can rip vob id 3,5 and 6 but so i have the structure modified and not working.
Is there a solution in this case?.
Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

7th January 2002, 19:12
I see. That looks not that good.

Indeed, this one is a really big problem yet.
Currently the only solution would be to strip all other VOB-ID's away, and to transcode every VOB-ID by itself.
Later it must/can be joined back together with a simple file-joining tool.

But I have not tried that my self. I guess we will need some more improvements to IfoEdit.

8th January 2002, 23:07
Thank you very much Derrow for the answer.
The problem is that if I transcode for example the vob id n.5
after i'have not the same vob id. The info about the vob id number get lost with rempeg :-(
I'll wait ;-)
Thanks again and sorry for my bad bad english.

8th January 2002, 23:16
ah yes. If you strip the VOB-ID's with IfoEdit, then the VOB-ID's get changed.
But you can use vstrip or vobrator to split the VOB's by VOB-ID, then the VOB-ID should be kept.

If you transcode the splitted Vob-ID, you will get a m2v file.
If you now remux the m2v file back into the splitted VOb-ID with IfoEdit, the Vob-ID will be untouched, and kept.

So later just arange all VOB files and proceed them again with IfoEdit, to produce nice DVD-style VOB files, and to update IFO information.

This should work.

8th January 2002, 23:29
I'll try.
You are my God Derrow ;-)
Thanks a lot.

9th January 2002, 00:31
I have tried but... :-(
I used vobutils to split one VOB by VOB-ID. I tested vob05.vob (vob id n.5).
I used rempeg and I obtained a m2v files.
I opened ifoedit 8 and selected "vob extras".
And now?