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16th December 2001, 09:54
Anyone have any idea how I do this?

I am encoding 'the mummy' I dont want all the subs I am just using the subtitle file 'English 11' this is the track where the eygptian is subtitled out in english. The only problem is I can see a way to center the damn subs. When I center it in one bit it's out in another like VobSub has some sort of allign left thing going on....

So come on please someone help me!

I mean look at this -->


16th December 2001, 15:36
I belive you can click the align button and then right click the Red box and it should change the Align mode to where one will be purely centered so all the subs will be centered when you have it place them.

22nd December 2001, 23:24
Dear Schultz,

I thank you very much for this hint - I wish that VobSub had a documentation where I could have read this (or have I been too blind to find one?) - In my case, it was "The Mummy", too.

I will suggest Col. Klink to allow you some special vacation... or is this not your nickname from Hogans Heroes, but your real name?

The next feature I'd like to see is the possibility to only display "forced subtitles" - e.g. in MIB you can select a subtitle language, but switch the display off: In this case not all, but only the extra-terrestrian (and spanish) sentences are subtitled in this language, because these subtitle pictures are flagged with "forced display".