View Full Version : Vobsub is driving me god damn insane

16th December 2001, 09:21
I'm running Vobsub from AVIsynth and Virtualdub for encoding on multiple jobs. I've setup all the necessary files queued the jobs in Vdub and hit. My encoder is divx4.11 and I'm queueing both passes.

Then Vobsub fucks me. 50% of the god damn time it fails to load. When this happens on the second pass I wind up with movie file with no hardcoded subtitles and another hour+ of my life wasted.

Does anyone have an idea what the hell might be going on?

16th December 2001, 14:45
what version of vobsub are you using? if you are using the latest version with avisynth since it is placed in the system32 dir (the dll that has the avisynth code) just use a LoadPlugin("vobsub.dll") and it will find it there.. and that is werid that one time the dll will load then another time it won't? are you sure it isn't something to do with Sub times being off or something of that nature..?

16th December 2001, 17:36
I'm pretty certain now that it is not due to the .dll misloading (if that could even happen). It recognizes the filter command "vobsub" every time, and AVIsynth reports no errors. It's just half the time the subtitles appear and half the time they don't.

17th December 2001, 03:52
you could open the idx file in SubResync and check all your time codes and to make sure all the subs are there just to be sure.. and also to make sure it isn't a time problem.

19th December 2001, 11:00
This behaviour occurred to me also..then I copied vobsub.dll version 2.03 (version 2.05 won't work) to VD dir and wrote this path (LoadPlugin("VD directory:\vobsub.dll") into avisynth script and it works again everytime.......dunno why......