View Full Version : Mpeg plugin for V Dub

16th December 2001, 09:20
It was long time ago... I don't remember exactly have we such plugin and which is it...

16th December 2001, 11:31
? You mean to write MPEG files right? If you want to do that just use the frameserver included in VirtualDub and use TMPEG to write a MPEG file. If it's to open a MPEG file, VirtualDub already has support for that.

I've checked all the VirtualDub 'extra' sites (Flaxen, Donald Graph, tHE fISH etc) and found no mention of this MPEG plugin....

Perhaps you mean the Panasonic MPEG plugin? And anyway thats for Adobe Primeier.

16th December 2001, 12:40
I thought about plugin which allows to read & convert mpeg video files. Yes, I know that it can be made with frameserving.... but...

17th December 2001, 23:49
ppera if I remember well (not sure) it should be possible with DVMPEG I've read somewhere that it shows up in Vdub as a codec. In Avery Lee's FAQ he mentioned that
"When DVMPEG brings up its modal configuration dialog box, which blocks input to dialogs underneath it, the dialog sometimes inexplicably appears behind VirtualDub's main window. You can try hitting Alt-ESC to push other windows back to try to get to the dialog. Incidentally, Internet Explorer 5 messes up ALT-ESC under Windows 98, so you may have to minimize or close IE5 windows to do this."

But must confess I've never used it... so just hearsay

18th December 2001, 22:08
Yeah, DVMPEG installs codec and then VDub can work with MPG video. Unfortunatelly only with Mpeg1 :mad: .

But speed is amazing... I get over 60 fps with 704x304 source and DivX 4.11. Even with some resize it's over 40 fps.