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16th December 2001, 09:00
i have added a logo to a movie with vdub
if i play it with zoom player,bs player,wmp,
the audio starts to go out of sink and sometimes freezes the frame and starts again.
if i play it in the playa it take a long time
to start to go out of sink.
why is it out of sink?????? the movie played fine in all
players until i added the logo.

17th December 2001, 09:19
sorry guys all fixed
the movie i was dubing the logo to had sound
this was the problem.]
thanks *LigH*;)

20th December 2001, 00:36
aaargh dont add logos, logos bad bad bad

21st December 2001, 09:58
WHY UHT????????????????????

21st December 2001, 19:14
they are a bit of a pain when watching it. and they tend to look bad as there harsh edges go all pixelated

22nd December 2001, 00:38
Must be bad logo makers:D
mine are very sutle;)
but true i have seen some bad logos

20th January 2006, 15:55