View Full Version : SubRip gets only the whole words (letters are "glued"

16th December 2001, 07:15
I am trying to get subtitles from "Snow White" (recent Platinum edition). I use SubRip. It recognizes only whole words. The letters looks "glued" for it. Is it possible to tweak SubRip to make it recognize separate letters? Or does anybody have the sibtitles in text form (English, srt or 23.976 MicroDVD)? My e-mail is aldonix@mail.ru


16th December 2001, 14:40
in the Options you can setup the OCR settings to how well it detects them like how close they are etc.. But i don't know how to actually do this as i just read it can be done and haven't played with it.. i normally use VobSub to rip subtitles and eitehr encode them in or now mostly use DVobSub to have them displayed while they are playing instead of being burnt into the video.

17th December 2001, 15:55
Some DVD's have very hard 'rippable' subs. Maybe with intention ?

You should try to decrease spacing in OCR setting... Usually setting to 6 or 7 helps. Not for all pictures.