View Full Version : VobSub: how to delay subs while playing?

DJ Bobo
15th December 2001, 17:17
I have here a DivX4-Video (with 2 languages) with VobSub-Subtitel, already burned on CD.
The sub comes about 0,5 seconds later than the voice.
Is there a way, to delay the subs WHILE PLAYING (without changing the idx-file).
Is there a special player or plug-in that can do that?

Thank you for your answer!

16th December 2001, 02:23
I don't think there is a way at the current moment.. but it might be something that Gabest Could add in future versions of DirectVobSub?

DJ Bobo
16th December 2001, 13:40
Well, if that's not possible, how to load different subs?

I mean DVobSub loads automatically the sub on the CD-ROM, how to load different ones?

Thank your for your answer!

16th December 2001, 15:02
to load different ones you can use the Open button on the DVobSub property page and then browse to select the files you wish to open and hit apply..

DJ Bobo
16th December 2001, 16:40
Well, I tried that (opening the different one and hitting apply), but it doesn't work, DVobSub sticks to the sub on the CD-ROM!

16th December 2001, 16:50
you might wanna change the lauguage name of your file on the harddrive you can open the idx file up and scroll down a bit and get this option.. this will allow you when you open the file up.. and hit apply.. then go to the Language combo box and make sure you have the proper language choosen.. Since DVobSub might be keeping the old one in memory and alows you to chose from either of them.

DJ Bobo
16th December 2001, 17:11
You mean that option "alt: english" don't you? well, I can change it to what ever I want, it doesn't appear in the selection after hitting apply.

Can you please upload some explaining screenshots? (I can also understand german and french)

17th December 2001, 03:48
Sure i will upload some screenshots of what i am talking about.. but it will get it done later.. since on lunch break atm.. So expect in about 5 hours or so.

17th December 2001, 13:16
here is a few screenshots of changing the subtitles.. it is done in WMP 6.4.

DJ Bobo
18th December 2001, 04:25
Thanks for the screenshots. I followed the steps exactly, but I havn't succeed! I don't know why, the screenshots are also a little bit different from what I have (I have VobSub 2.05).

Well, I found a small solution for the problem: copy the CD content to the HD, patch the idx-file und play from HD. It's not that comfortable, but hey, it works!

18th December 2001, 09:27
Yes it is a little different it is VobSub 2.06 which kinda forgot about the old homepage gone when i did those screen shots.. the new homepage for vobsub is http://vobsub.edensrising.com
the new version is up there..

DJ Bobo
18th December 2001, 19:58
Well, I downloaded the new version 2.06 and.. IT WORKS! yes, I've done it! DirectVobSub used the new one! thank you Schultz!

So, only one option is still missing: Gabest, please introduce a delay function in DirectVobSub!

And I think there is a Bug in the new version: using BSPlayer, I can't change the subtitles with the green arrow, I must go to the BSPlayer menu to do it.

19th December 2001, 03:45
hum could you try it with Windows Media Player 6.4 and see if when using that you can use the Green Arrow to change the subtitiles cause on the few files that i have you can still use the Green Arrow.

DJ Bobo
22nd December 2001, 00:32
Well, I also tried this with Media Player 6.4, I can't change anything with the green arrow, I can only do it in the menu of Media Player.

22nd December 2001, 03:32
Hum that is strange.. i can change subs perfectly fine with the green arrow.. what OS are you running on?

DJ Bobo
22nd December 2001, 18:16
Windows 98 SE (and please don't tell me to use another one!)

22nd December 2001, 22:34
Please use another one! :)

Seriously, I found the problem. It was affecting my win98 too.

This fix and that delay thing will be included in the next release.

DJ Bobo
23rd December 2001, 02:14
@ Gabest

Thank you very very much!

28th December 2001, 15:57
I thought the sync progie that came with vobsub does the delay. And for subtitle coming too early you can always truncate them.

There is a problem with vobsub thing tho, when you close down the movie, sometimes the vobsub remains in the memory. It will not show in the task manager, but if you trace the memory address it is still there. That might became annoying, because if I want to delete the movie, I will have to reboot, and quit all the apps that is currently running. The older version of the vobsub doesn't have this problem tho. I mean the one without the install, where you have to type in the commands manually.

28th December 2001, 17:16
Are you using XP and MSN Messenger 4.5?

28th December 2001, 17:54
I am using win XP pro, with MSN disabled through the registry.

28th December 2001, 18:04
"It will not show in the task manager, but if you trace the memory address it is still there."

And how do you do this? What tool are you using?

29th December 2001, 06:38
One way will be using an assembly debugger and use the trace command(any will do)...

The easier way I can think of is find the PID(Process identifier), then check memory usage and memory usage delta from cmd (you need to download the power tool).

I am at work, can't exactly do a step by step... but I think the general idea is there.