View Full Version : DirectVobSub question

15th December 2001, 12:05
Sorry if this has been answered before, or if it's already included in the readme (I checked, but couldn't find anything). How can I instruct the DVobSub filter to place my SRT subtitles under the video frame and not inside, when viewing in fullscreen? (like the default setting with MicroDVD). I know this is possible with DivXG400, but I would like to use DVobSub only.

15th December 2001, 15:27
Use the extend to ... options.. this should have DVobSub place a black bar at the bottem which you can then place teh subs there..

15th December 2001, 16:09
Thanx for the prompt reply. Meanwhile, I figured this out by myself, too... :) Well, it was easier than I thought: I was trying with the "override placement" settings only, but in fact I had to enable the "extend picture to 4:3" first...