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14th December 2001, 20:24

i am using an old 500 mhz Pentium to watch my films. I have done some rips and with low resolution (384x XXX) it is working fine. Today i was installing new Hardware. I began just with an Graphcard. When i wachted the movie i got more or less 50% CPU usage. Then i put the soundcard (Soundblaster 5.1 Player) and now i got 90% CPU usage. Is this normal????? Because i thought that this card has an hardware decoding of ac3????? Anyone got some experience with that??????

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14th December 2001, 22:04
Driver problem or the soundcard doesnt support 48 KHz and your movie soundtrack is using this sampling rate, so CPU has to do real time sample rate conversion down to 44.1 KHz....

15th December 2001, 11:41
It is a Soundblaster 5.1 Player with the latast drivers. 48 khz is no problem for this card. But the question is, does Audio-Encoding uses soo much CPU????? IS it normal??? This card has Ac3 encoding (i bought because of that), but it seems that it doesn´t work. Another thing: When i want to switch on 5.1 sound i have to choose spdif in the Intervideo codecs, but i do not have digital speakers !!!

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