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14th December 2001, 19:08
Hi guys !

Ive just put a english version of my "how to add a composite out to
your TV card" online. Sounds stupid to you ?

Find out more about it here:

c u,

14th December 2001, 19:19
Curious at the least, I made this same thing only a couple weeks ago :D . Of course it was not on an ASUS but I needed a composite video out in my AverMedia, so getting the Bt878 specs, and tracking down pinout of the chip to the tuner, I got it working in 10 minutes and not the minimal problem. BTW, as my card doesn't have two RF inputs I was able to put the RCA in the chassis, it looks a lot better, LOL.

19th December 2001, 15:13
Well howdie DarkSoul....

How are you my friend... long time no hear...

I't my fault.. ( I don't come around much....)..

I read the article... pretty good... Yup I got the Asus TV-Box... (it can be a little restrictive , (ie: not as universal)...

but the remote control... (sweet)... lol

Hi to all the old bunch... lol

Take care guys...

{ : (B)

19th December 2001, 19:38
Hi CK !

Glad to see you back. Im fine. Only that my studies eat up a lot of my time. How are you ?

This howto on my WinTV was was just a "quick and dirty" translation of my much longer german article because some guy asked me.

IMHO the Asus TV Box (as well as NVidias Personal Cinema) is much to "specialized". I would prefer a more open solution for an external tuner box that is (may be) controlable via USB.