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14th December 2001, 08:11
Dear Forum,

I'm having difficulties to rip the Rush Hour 2 Subtitle,
SubRip can't find any text. It's just not usual subtitle format imho.

I'm afraid it is close captioned,
Is there utility to rip the close captioned ?

Thank you.

14th December 2001, 09:00
Try out vobsub, it should be able to rip all of the DVDs out there since all it does is directly copy the DVD subtitles to its own file. Read doom9's guide about nonperm. subs(i suppose that's what you looking for)

14th December 2001, 09:55
Hi dragonlz,

thank you for the suggestion,
I'll try vobsub then.

14th December 2001, 15:23
I noticed the same thing. So I tried it out with my DXR3 and TV that is closed captioned. Subtitles aren't even an option in the menu. However, the subtitle tracks for the pop-up commentary(the last two), do contain text, but in an unusual location that Subrip isn't able to pickup in OCR mode. Any suggestions how to deal with either problem?

19th December 2001, 04:48
Finally I could rip the closed caption,
use CC parser, but the final .srt file is still not sync.
I just don't have time to sync. it.


19th December 2001, 12:05