View Full Version : VobSub Joiner (and an error in doom9 guide)

12th June 2006, 06:36
I was looking to join a split (cd1 and cd2) idx/sub into a single idx/sub.

When first tried vobsub joiner, it didn't work as I initially expcetd. I noticed the "Beginning of Input 2:" field, but (being the noob that I am), I didn't know what to put in there and so left it blank. Obviously, this did not work.

Doing some googling didn't help all that much. I only found one hit that attempted to explain how to use the joiner and that was a guide here on doom9: AVI to DVD guide (http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/mpg/avi2dvdr.htm) (last updated May 8, 2006). The guide says to use the vobsub cutter to find "... the exact length of your subtitle file" and to use that value in "Beginning of Input 2" in the joiner.

This is wrong. The value that the cutter shows is the last timestamp (the last subtitle) of the loaded idx and is not what is needed by the joiner.

The joiner needs to know where to start counting from for the second idx. This needs to be the length of the first movie file, not the last timestamp of the first idx file.

Loading the first movie file into gspot will show the legnth rounded to the second. While, this may be close enough in some cases, this isn't precise enough - you could skew the second idx almost a whole second.

VirtualDub will show the length down to the millisecond.

Lupo Silenzioso
24th June 2006, 13:13
i'm interested in the same problem, too

25th June 2006, 22:52
The solution was provided by the original poster (determine file length in vdub and use this in vobsub joiner).