View Full Version : Can't capture Divx compressed with VirtualDub

13th December 2001, 23:23
My Celeron 800 runs on a Win2k box. When I load any video file into VirtualDub 1.4.7 I can only select Divx 4.11 under compressen but not Divx 3.11a which is also installed. It's getting even worse when I try to capture compressed. When entering capture mode the codec select box does not list any Divx codec anymore, so I can only capture to Intel Indeo, Cinepak and Microsoft Video1. How come?

I do need much frames or high resolution. 352 x something suits me fine and should cause no problems for my low end system. However, I would like to capture directly to Divx & mp3 (this works, I can select any bitrate). For a test I captured uncompressed video and mp3 audio which worked fine. So how come I can't compress to Divx on the fly? TIA!

22nd December 2001, 00:05
You probably need to change your video format. Try switching between YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB32 until you can choose your DivX codecs.

I don't recommend capturing with MP3 compression. It's better to capture uncompressed audio and compress to MP3 afterwards.