View Full Version : Anyone have Creative's Video Blaster Digital VCR?

13th December 2001, 17:56
Hi All,

I've heard a little about this card (http://www.americas.creative.com/products/product.asp?Product=222)

It sounds promising, and a pretty good price. I'm wondering if it performs as well as claimed (Mpeg2 realtime with p2 processor?)

I don't think it states whether it captures in AVI, but I suspect if it does that it would definitely be using your CPU for compression, whereas MPEG2 compression is handled by the built-in compressor chip.

So, anyone seen it?


13th December 2001, 22:13
Yeah I am interested also.. I want to find an alternative to this crappy ATI tv Wonder card... (:

14th December 2001, 17:45
I have the AIW 128, which I really like, despite ATI's crappy drivers.
It does everything I want, including PVR/Tivo type timeshitfting.

What I want is to build a HTPC (home theater pc), using a small Flex ATX MB, which usually only have one PCI slot (no agp), so I can't use my AIW.

This Creative card might be a good solution. Too bad it doesn't have video out.


15th December 2001, 03:06
A few of us have been receiving the Video Blaster in the past few days.

The tuner can best be described as "craptastic". I get an awful picture on lower TV channels. I was forced to use my VCR tuner for those channels. No manual adjustment is available.

The captured files are NOT in MPEG-2 format. You have to use an included converter program to create the MPEG-2 files. They are interlaced files with an odd 32khz audio stream which can be compressed. I've been trying to use Flask to convert the MPEG files to avi for inverse telecine, adjustments, etc. The file plays a few frames, freezes, then plays a few more frames, etc. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. Still tinkering.

The max setting is 640x480 at "8 Mb/sec" (I think they mean 8MB/sec) or around 15,000kbps. The video at this setting looks surprisingly blurry. Not DVD quality at all. Not even close. I suspect I could get a better picture using Huffyuv, VirtualDub and TMPGEnc.

I haven't had a chance to fully explore the card, but I'm somewhat disappointed. I guess for $99 I shouldn't have expected professional quality MPEG-2 files.

18th December 2001, 17:27
Does anyone have a PCI TV Tuner (w/remote) card that has does good/great captures?

I'm hoping the built-in video out of the MB I choose will handle playback on TV, but I need something PCI based to do my PVR/Capturing.

As for the Digital VCR, I read one review somewhere that said it's TV tuner was much better than the AIW's. Much clearer. Maybe that review was a troll/plant from Creative.