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13th December 2001, 18:45
Hi there,

posted something for this here in another forum at DOOM9.

Well how can i convert an AC3 file to mp2 without to create a wav file (this wav file would be lager than 2 GB; and this is not compatible with windows)

This ac3 file i got here is encoded in Stereo 192 KBIT and should be sampled to MP2 224 KBIT (for a VCD; i hate SVCD; these little beasts arn't compatible with a lot of my friends DVD players) with a normalized sound like DVD2AVI does this).

So how can i get this to work.

Azid won't work (i tried; maybe not too hard; but it's really hard to learn this program)

If any one got needfull hints, rell me

Thanks and regards

Darkness 008

13th December 2001, 19:00
BeSweet can directly convert AC3 (or even VOB) to MP2 without any intermediate file.
download VOBtoMP3 v0.7 (http://www.doom9.org/Soft21/Files/Audio/VOBtoMP3v0.7.zip) & BeSweet v0.8a (http://rilanparty.com/vbb/attachment.php?s=&attachmentid=126).

or wait for BeSweet v0.81, to be released tommorow, with SSRC support.

if you find all configuration-switches annoyning, download the DanniDin's GUI - it's great !

13th December 2001, 20:14
Seems to me that these programs really hard to handle even this gui is something i don't understand how to use.

On the other side there is no Normalize option there. And that could be very bad. I hate this overload crackling in the speakers.

BTW ... your download options in your thread are not working

14th December 2001, 07:53
actually, it's very simple. write :
Be (http://dspguru.tripod.com/BeSweet_v0.81.zip)Sweet (http://rilanparty.com/vbb/attachment.php?s=&attachmentid=175) -core( -input [file.ac3] -output [file.mp2] ) -2lame( -b 128 ) -azid( -g max )

this will create mp2 with 128kbs, normalized.