View Full Version : Pinnacle Studio PCTV Pro for 29.99 at Compusa

12th December 2001, 08:06
It's a pretty good deal for those of you want to buy a cheap capture card right now. Take note that there is a 20$ mail in rebate involved.
see it here (http://www.compusa.com/products/product_info.asp?product_code=288411)

13th December 2001, 22:03
I picked one up. The card is decent. MUST be in a busmastering PCI slot - so make sure you have that available. Also, the drivers are a bit hard to find.

But the thing works great for a 30$ card.

22nd December 2001, 18:59
What chipset does the card use? Nevermind so it has a 878, then its well worth it....

21st January 2002, 17:33
The $29.99 deal is back at CompUSA. Picked one up yesterday.

22nd January 2002, 18:26
what is a bus mastering slot???the one below the agp...

also is ATI's TV Wonder card any good...???Im thinking about getting that one

24th January 2002, 07:28
The TV Wonder is a nice piece of hardware
it gets the job done, and if you going for the
PCTV I'd reconsider and spend the few extra bucks
on the TV Wonder.