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11th December 2001, 22:15
Hi all!

Is there any way to convert *.srt, *.sub or *.txt subtitles to Direct VobSub subtitles to display them in WMP?

Please help!


12th December 2001, 09:10
DirectVobSub can playback .srt/.sub files already without needing to covert them into the vobsub format. the VobSub format is really just ripping the images outta the vob files and having a file to have the times and index where the image is located. Just rename the same as you would with vobsub files moviename.srt and play the movie..

12th December 2001, 13:11
Thanks! Didn't know that it's so easy...


12th December 2001, 19:20
or for movie.avi rename it to movie.English.sub and movie.Gibberish.sub, (.srt etc.) if you want to switch between different languages.

But the main question - anyone knows what happened to VobSub homepage?

http://members.tripod.com/vobsub is showing just 404 :(

13th December 2001, 16:20
"Please Note: vobsub is no longer an authorized member of Tripod. This Tripod member has been removed because they violated our Terms of Service or chose to self-delete. For more information, click here.

If you feel that there has been a mistake, please contact us at reportabuse.lycos.com"

Tripod simply suxx...