View Full Version : Vobsub error message

11th December 2001, 21:23
When I try to rip the subs using the vobsub filter in Nandub the following error message appears at the end of the indexing process:

Cannot read, either locked dvd or truncated/missing files!

I tried to unlock the dvd drive, started smartripper in the background.
I'm selecting the ifo file from my Harddisk that Smartripper ripped for me.

Nothing seems to work.

Any help would be really appriciated.


poopity poop
15th December 2001, 20:37
What are you trying to rip exactly.

This problem sounds like when you ripped the DVD to your hard drive it didn;t tottaly get the vobs check to make sure they are the same size as on the DVD. IF not..or even if so, rip them again, this may solve your problem