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27th April 2006, 11:32

As most of all you XBOX-Mediacenter-lovers know, watching a HQ x/h.264 encoded movie is not a very pleasant experience... I have tried the CoreAVC codec in my cpu-lame qtek smartphone(200Mhz) and is amazed/exited/stunned...etc over the performance.

Now, I would like to call for a "rise of the XBMC-owners" to make Betaboy and the other developers of CoreAVC to make a codec for XBOX.

I know there are some attemts to make the w32 .dll/.ax work under mplayer in XBMC, but none of them seems successfull.

Hey! BetaBoy...What say you? Is it possible? Is it hard?


28th April 2006, 23:39

29th April 2006, 09:26

Yeah...Isn't sad? Read and weep. Let's hope that one of all the excelent devlopers out there can find a way of using the windows .ax/.dll in the mplayer used in xbmc...