View Full Version : MicroDVD subtitles in 2cd movies

10th December 2001, 14:12
I have annoying problem with subtitles when making 2cd movies. I'd like to include whole movie susbtitle file in MicroDVD format and use CD1frames and CD2frames parameters in ini file to tell the player when cd changes, thus avoiding cutting the file. With first cd this works beautifully, but with the second cd subtitles end up being not in synch. I tried to cheat the player by telling false number of frames to get it play the subtitles in synch, but it seems not to help any. If I split the subtitle file, same amount of frames works perfectly. Another way around is to alternate timestamps of the subtitle file that I place in second second CD. Both of these solutions however require hassle, that I'd gladly forego. Suggestions anyone?

14th December 2001, 04:33
I use this same method for 2cd rips, except I don't use the Microdvd format for subtitles, but leave/convert them in subrip format.

Maybee that will make a difference?


20th December 2001, 08:10
Thanks snike42. It seems that DivX 4.11 had some issues with MDVD format subtitles, which are apperently corrected in 4.12. Leaving the subtitle in SubRip format seemed to solve the problem with 4.11.