View Full Version : no sound when put on dvd.

25th March 2006, 20:04
virtual dub, or flycap, when I download a tv show or movie, once it is saved on my hard drive it plays back fine on the pc, when I burn on disc, I get no sound. Do I have to change the format or keep it in avi? I also tryed flycap, I have the same problem.


25th March 2006, 21:47

Since you mentioned "Flycap" (a capture program), I'll presume you actually mean "capture" and not "download" a tv show or movie...

1) What software and procedures are you using to burn to disc?

2) Are you burning CDs or DVDs? If DVDs, are you burning as .AVI or as DVD?

3) What is the format of the audio you are capturing?

4) What are you playing the burned media on - standalone DVD player or your PC?

25th March 2006, 22:27
I mean capture not download, I burn it as a avi, and usually use fox plugin burner or nero.I tryed to burn as a dvd and also svcd

25th March 2006, 22:27
also On a stand alone dvd player

25th March 2006, 23:20
And again, what is the format of the audio you are capturing?

28th March 2006, 19:48
seems thats the problem I dont know what format the audio is when I capture it. I just assumed since it palays on the pc it can play on a disc.

28th March 2006, 20:35
The bottom line is, what settings do I use? video and audio.My stand alone player plays many formats, including divx.

28th March 2006, 22:35
The bottom line is, what settings do I use?Actually, from my perpsective, the bottom line is that I can't answer you until you can answer me (about the format of the audiostream). Try doing a little research regarding the program and the settings you've used to originally capture the video...

(Perhaps someone else will be able to provide more insight)