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10th March 2006, 22:31
From what I understand anything that is @ 29fps needs to be run through a 3:2 IVTC process to reduce frames to 23fps, specificaly pertaining to anime, correct? I looked through the forums a bit and feel like I understand the process, what i am wondering is; is there a progam or script that can analyize my .VOB files and tell me the framterate and how the footage is presented and what to do with it so that I may compress it?

I ran an episode of Invader ZIm (cartoon) thourgh VirtualDubMod with IVTC and Deinterlace and the result was perfect (at least for me). I ended up with completely syncronized audio and video @ 23fps with no interlace lines. Thing is, I also ran an episode of Family Guy through the same process and ended up with 19fps but (from what i can tell), ended up with audio and video syncronized.

Now I also did this with a MPEG2 DVD trailer for Princess Mononoke, and the who thing was out of sync and skippy in some parts (sped up and slowed down) BUT I did not add the deinterlace filter (from what i remeber)

I'm kinda lost, and thinking I screwed something up as well as wondering why it worked so well for Invader Zim.

10th March 2006, 22:44
Indeed! In MeGUI, you can use One-Click Encoder with Automatic Deinterlacing, or use the Avisynth Creator and add in your source, etc, then click Analyse. It'll report what needs to be done to the source and suggest a method for you. ^_^ Many sources have some issues that can require an in-depth understanding of the topic, otherwise.

This only works if you didn't Force Film it (sounds like that's what happened to Family Guy), using the built in d2v creator can keep that from happening.

11th March 2006, 02:43
After reading around I downloaded dvd2avi and dgmpgdec. I ran it on Invadaer Zim and it showed the material was Interlaced and NTSC. I then ran it on Family Guy and It showed it was Progressive with a FLIM at 99%...

I gues thats what it chopped down to 19fps, but I gotta figue out this Telecine stuff. The more I read the more I confuse myslef...

11th March 2006, 07:51
You could just try MeGUI's automated source detection/deinterlacing, as foxyshadis recommended. It is IMHO a better solution for several reasons, one of them being that it will suggest how to deal with the source, instead of just telling you what it is. Just open your d2v file in MeGUI, by dragging it onto the main window. It will then open a new window, and you can run the analysis by pressing Analyse.