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8th December 2001, 05:19
I downloaded an anime movie in two parts, and it's in Divx 4 Low-Motion. I plan to do several things to them like maybe join them together. One problem they have is that the aspect ratio is wrong, 480x480 or something and it's all stretched, so i want to resize to 480x360. I tried to do this in Nandub using a filter, and I believe it would have worked fine except it came up with an error when it got to a certain frame. I found out that this must be a frozen frame, and found several other places this happened.

I downloaded AVIdefreezer and tried it out, following the directions, but every time it would crash with some error in kernel32.dll and not write the new file. I looked around for other methods that also did not require access to a good copy of the file, and found this one: http://users.skynet.be/divx/divx%20repair.htm It involves redoing the bad part with interlacing or something with AVIedit. I followed these directions as close as possible, but was not sure exactly how to get it to be the same exact format as original (i did try it with what i thought were the original codec, keyframe, and bitrate settings), so nandub will not join the fixed part with the chopped original file.

In any case, I really would like to be able to fix this movie, and learning how to fix frozen frames will be helpful in the future.


p.s. here is the comp i'm on if it makes any difference:
WinME (i hate it so much)
1.5GHz P4, 256MB RAM, nVidia GeForce2 MX 32MB video, etc.

EDIT -----------------------

ok may have made some progress. I spliced out the part in between the first two keyframes of the movie (where the first freeze is) and was able to successfully run it through AVIdefreezer. The output file was very large though and seems to be uncompressed. I dont know how to get it to a point where it is compatible with the rest of the movie.

Also i found another method using AVIedit. It involves splicing out and reencoding the bad part of the movie.. AVIedit does not like this file though and will not play it back except the sound. I thought it was unusual for keyframes to be 300 frames apart, am i missing something major about this file type? nandub says it is divx 4


12th December 2001, 21:46
If this post was not replied to because it's in the wrong section or something, what section does it belong in?

13th January 2002, 22:48
can someone please help me with this? i've been wrestling with it for almost two months now...

14th January 2002, 19:51
Look at http://www.divx.com/download/downloadlist.php?typeid=7 for tools and THE PLAYA is able to display the Videos with the correct aspect ratio (just set 16:9 or 4:3)

I hope this helps you a bit


24th January 2002, 17:36
Well, that sort of works, but i would like to process videos with frozen frames in nandub somehow.

Also, when i do try to process anything, it will tell me "you are saving an uncompressed file that will be very large" or something. I can go and edit the SBC settings and it will compress it, but how can i make sure it is using the same settings it originally had?

24th January 2002, 23:30
you should try avidefreezer again. sometimes it gives me a 4gig avi file, and then when i try again with same settings it works (it should give you a file with the size of the original file).

and when you reencode there is no way to make sure the original settings are used. (unless you asked the person who encoded it)