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5th March 2006, 18:50
Hi all!

I would appreciate if somebody share his thought about this product. Sorry if i posted to wrong place!

I have it to try and noticed some weird problems with it's frame server. Error messages like 'Invalid sample format', 'error passing data from fpapi' etc. I guess it's related to the sound, because when sound stripped to wav everything just works.

Does somebody know how to fix this problem or may be can advise another simple to use encoder.

What i really need in is ability correct colors having preview and other flexibility.

6th March 2006, 11:06

6th March 2006, 20:04
I guess it's related to the sound, because when sound stripped to wav everything just works.Hi!

1) What is the format of the audiostream in the source file?
2) What is the format of the source file?
3) What software and procedures did you use to create the file?

7th March 2006, 03:20
It's plain avi from my camcorder.

OpenDML(avi 2.0) dvsd
Video: DVC/DV Video
Sound: PCM Audio

What strange is that this audio does not require any codecs as i can understand. And Today i've installed gspot to get this info, and found that video codec is not installed. But i can play it everywhere.

In relation to processing. I do nothing special either. Encoding with color correction in TmpgEnc Xpress 3.3... I was impressed with it's simplisity, but found show stopping problems.

1. When i open clip for editing, i can hear just a few moments of the sound, then silence.
2. Some clips are ok, other just don't wont to be open saying 'Invalid sample format' and sometimes 'Error passing data from FSApi' or something like that.

7th March 2006, 06:10
I guess it's related to the sound, because when sound stripped to wav everything just works.Sound: PCM AudioPCM is .WAV format. I guess I don't understand what you're trying to say...

8th March 2006, 02:57
Oh man!

If i only know what to ask... :-(
I VERY new to the subject, despite the fact i understand most of the terms. After reading a lot of pages on the net i have complete mess in my head.

Currently it boiled down to next questions:
1. Is TmpgEnc good enouth to buy it?
2. Is it completely compatible with AviSynth?
3. What else i need to get decent quality archive video from DV? I have only this source so far. I need interlaced output for TV and i would like to decorate it as DVD.
4. How i can speed up overall encoding process. I suspect that i do unnesessary color space conversions, but i'm not sure what is color space of my DV and how control it in TmpgEnc.

Basically i know that i can get it from Pegasys products, but beeing a programmer (after reading a lot) i've started to think if i can do better... You know that feeling :-) It's just itch in the ass...

8th March 2006, 03:38
Ok, I've figured out that my source video is YUY2.

What will be the best way to pass it through tempgenc or other encoder?

11th March 2006, 19:58
You might consider buying CCE or trying HC instead of going the TMPG route.