View Full Version : x264 and yuy2 help

28th February 2006, 00:12
Here's my problem, x264 doesn't seem to like yuy2 but i need it because of a command in avisynth, warpedresize. Without yuy2 support i get this blue tint through the whole video. I'm trying to crop less and warpresize sort of lets me do that. Is there any way to get yuy2 support?

I know that ffmpeg does allow yuy2 support (from pspvideo9) but i am not sure if that is the x264_ffmpeg version does or not. Plus i do not know if it has an option like x264 where it lets me generate a raw avc file.

If someone knows can you post the links?

28th February 2006, 00:22
Can't you do ConvertToYUY2().WarpedResize().ConvertToYV12()?

28th February 2006, 02:47
I never tried it with converttoyv12. I already get a line error when it hits convertoyuy2. Tells me that it can't load/run it.

Oline 61
28th February 2006, 05:25
have you tried converttoyuy2()?

28th February 2006, 14:16
x264 wont support yuy2. do what foxyshadis suggested, it works.

Oline 61
1st March 2006, 01:06
and again make sure to use converttoyuy2(), not convertoyuy2()