View Full Version : How do you split audio & video from a VOB?

22nd February 2006, 01:13
What software could I use to split audio & video from a VOB or MPEG 2 file? :thanks:

22nd February 2006, 02:14

this has been discussed many, many times before ....
this process is known as 'de-muxing' and can be performed by many applications.

by far the simplest program i know, is PGCdemux by jsoto (use the search) which uses the associated .ifo as a reference.

another technique is to use DGIndex (again use the search)

you can also use dvd decrypter to do this directly from your original dvd (or via an .iso mounted in a virtual player eg daemon tools)


22nd February 2006, 02:15
One possibility is "TMPGEnc", as follows:


22nd February 2006, 02:25
Thanx for your help guys.