View Full Version : Incompatibility - NERO v.7 and DVD Shrink

18th February 2006, 02:10
It appears that when using DVD Shrink set to automatically use NERO to burn, many users that have installed NERO v.7.xxx are receiving an error when the burn starts, as follows:

"Error:\nCannot connect TRF"

This is probably due to the fact that the now-discontinued DVD Shrink uses an NERO "SDK" (Software Developers' Kit) that is limited to NERO v.6.xxx and prior compatibility.

Two solutions, if you have NERO v.7.xxx installed:

1) Change the settings in DVD Shrink so that it does NOT automatically try to use NERO to burn


2) Revert to NERO v.6.xxx

(Of course, there are other means of burning, instead of NERO, but that has nothing to do with the purpose of this posting)

18th February 2006, 10:46
Or use NERO RECODE instead of DVDShrink!;)

18th February 2006, 12:04
The same issue also exists also for Nero Burning ROM and above...

18th February 2006, 15:01
And this has something to do with decrypting?

I understand that Ner0 is fixing the problem (as they have many to fix).


20th February 2006, 04:30
I went back to Nero 6, the one I had before 7. 7 is so buggy and it seems to have a better visual output than 7 anyway to burn after decrypting. Question, what is nero recode and if I may ask how does one do that? If I can't ask, that's ok.

20th February 2006, 04:58

Nero Recode is Nero's DVD transcoding program. It's in the Nero Digital package of Nero 6 (I can't comment on Nero 7... I tried the demo and wasn't impressed). Nero Startsmart will point you to it, as will going to Start/All Programs/Nero/Nero Digital/Nero Recode. The program will allow you to shrink a DVD9 to a DVD5, or to create MPEG4 projects for CD burning. If you're used to DVD Shrink, you'll have little "learning curve" using Recode.

20th February 2006, 21:26
I have Nero 7 and there are no problems burning automatically from DVD Shrink. From what I know this problem only exists in the latest release in the ver 6.6 serie.

Stone Knife
22nd February 2006, 14:47
I also reverted to Nero 6 for other reasons... sure miss the good old simple Roxio EZ burner of a few years ago. :o