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15th February 2006, 16:18
A friend came from England(Region 2) and brought some DVD's with her. She would like to make archival copies of them so she can play them on DVD players here in Canada(Region 1). Most,if not all,are in the PAL format. I have tried DVD Decrypter and produced a DVD which will play on my computer but not on a stand-alone dvd player.Each time I try to play the dvd on the stand-alone dvd player I get a "region " error message on the screen and the player stops playing. My questions are these:

1. what program(s) do I need to change the dvd from Region 2 to Region 1 ?

2. what program(s) do I need to change from PAL to NTSC ?
Any help gratefully appreciated....

Lil' Jer
15th February 2006, 21:22
Why not just get a player that is multiregion and does pal playback? They aren't that hard to find.

Mug Funky
16th February 2006, 15:05
yes, but PAL playback on an NTSC TV... as i understand it TVs in north america don't do anything but NTSC. rather myopic way to do things, but there you go.

so far there's not a really nice way to go PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL. you'll have to use avisynth or something similar to perform a standards conversion, then re-author the disc as region 0 (ie, all regions except 8 are checked). that way it'll play in anything.

a region free player is indeed a good idea though. some will even do a (very poor but sometimes watchable) standards-convert on the fly, so you can output NTSC to your backward TV without having to convert your video.

btw, DVDdecrypter should be able to remove region codes. check it's properties and see what it's set to.

Lil' Jer
17th February 2006, 03:58
Both my Philips DVP-642 and RJTECH RJ-1500DVXII can play PAL discs on my TV and they come out looking decent enough on my TV.

21st February 2006, 06:22
I brought a couple of movies from UK and ran them thru DVDdevrypter. It made them region free and I had no problem playing them on my Phillips 642 without any conversion from PAL to NTSC.

I also own a APEX model which plays PAL on NTSC TV without conversion. By that I mean that the DVD player does an on-the-fly conversion as it plays or at least that is how I understand it.

24th February 2006, 18:56
I use IFOEdit to 'patch' the DVD from PAL to NTSC. Some players (fortunately like mine, Sony) do not complain, but some do (and won't play) after patching.

Just open IFOEdit and open each IFO files... make sure you don't see any 'PAL' anywhere. If you do, double click it, and switch to NTSC and check 'automatic letterbox'. I got this guide somewhere (forgot) and it works.
Remember, some players won't like patched DVDs. If your plays it, then great! You can now patch PAL dvd s to NTSC without doing anything else. If your player does not play it, then you are out of luck with this method.

IFOEdit also has a 'region free' button, and it seems to work fine so far.