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9th February 2006, 07:21
Sup all, im trying to get my laptop to burn, ive had it almost 3 yrs and never worried with it, but now working on a side business during deployements. Ill start with the system.

3.06 ghz P4
512 mb ddr ram
64mb ATI (9600, i think) video, with omega drivers
40 gb hd
Toshiba SD-R6112 supposed to read & write DVD -R & -RW
Imation DVD -R 8x 4.7gb blanks
Installed Software:
DVD decrypter
Nero 6 Ultra Edition
DVD Shrink 3.2
Roxio CD/DVD Creator 5
Directx 9

Ive tried to burn two seperate DVD's one just letting software (NERO) burn files and the other letting decryper make a .ISO image, then burn to a disc in a seperate process. Both times it went through the whole burn procees no errors. Then when i try to put the discs back in to play, it shows the discs as being full (no space), but no files on the "full" disc. Two things that may cause this is im running directx 9 when my mobo is supposed to only be capatible with 8.1. But ive ran a few high usage games with it and no problem so far. Also i have roxio cd/dvd creator installed, maybe that could cause some conflict. But im stumped. Also when i rip the .ISO image file, i am able to mount it to a virtual drive and play it just as a real dvd would, but i just cant get'em to burn onto disc. Ive researched and reda that the my drive is picky and prefers Ridata discs, ive tried them and the results where the same.

9th February 2006, 08:17
Hi!Also i have roxio cd/dvd creator installed, maybe that could cause some conflict.That certainly could be a cause for your problem, as NERO and Roxio software are known not to peacefully coexist on a system. I'd suggest you remove the Roxio software and try again...