View Full Version : New CCE 2.64SP on December 25th !

6th December 2001, 01:04
CINEMA CRAFT is pleased to announce that a new version of CCE-SP will be released on Dec.25, 2001, at the new low price of US$ 1,950 .

New CCE-SP version 2.64 offers the following :
- Windows XP supports
- VCD supports
- SVCD supports
- Adobe Premiere 6.0 plug-in supports

Registered users for CCE-SP can receive a FREE upgrade to version 2.64 .

SVCD-Support ! This means resizing is supported ... :cool:
Premiere 6 works flawlessly.
And the new one is so cheap :eek:


6th December 2001, 03:36
I hope they release a demo version, i would like to see the differences over 2.5 in action etc.

6th December 2001, 06:21
Every SP-version exists also as a demo-version.

But not released to download from cinema craft site.

Write an email, tell some company details :rolleyes: and youŽll get a little package with cd-rom :cool:
Then wait on the guys from "Saints and Sinners Group" :D


Hope they changed avi-handling (new avi-format support) ...
non-avs-reading sure will stay :mad:

31st December 2001, 14:46
Hope the add bicubic resizing and better audio handling.

1st January 2002, 00:14
I would like to know just what ill effects are had by the audio.
My dvd player SUX for svcds, so i can never tell if its the crappy player, jvc60, or my svcd?


3rd January 2002, 15:15
No major changes in cce 2.64sp :(

SVCD supported only if input has already 480 horizontal; so no 2/3-D1 resizer.

Also no bugfixes !
Core-Date 05-31-2001 :(

Best feature is full premiere 6 support.

3rd January 2002, 17:13
So basically it's a usd1995 ripoff....