View Full Version : gordian knot not able to make good quality porn rips?

31st December 2005, 19:58
i have been trying to get gordian knot to make my rips good quality but in the preview window whether i use one of the de-interlacing options or not the quality turns out like crap even when i make it to a 3cd rip.The program works fine for any other movies but i just can't seem to get it correctly for my porn rips,any help will be gratly appreciated.

31st December 2005, 20:06
Porn on Doom :) Everybody over 19?

Ok, happy new year to everybody.

1st January 2006, 03:18
Lol, I almost choked on my pizza when I read your thread title :D
I truly can't understand why ONLY your porn rips are bad quality!

1st January 2006, 14:21
Hehe. Porn may be the most difficult of all sources to encode, right up there with concert DVDs. Low production values, interlaced handheld video cameras, constant movement, often grainy, low quality footage, etc. The best of the GKnot deinterlacers is KernelDeinterlace. You say you've already tried that one? Sometimes with that kind of source you have to give it a lower resolution, perhaps combined with a larger filesize. You say you've tried up to 3 CDs and it looks bad. Perhaps you can say more exactly how it looks bad. Did you run the Compression Test before encoding to get an idea of the resolution to use?

1st January 2006, 16:27
Remember, please, *don't* give us a link to a sample encoding. :scared:

1st January 2006, 21:03
manono i did use the compress test first and lowered the resolution which helped a little but i will continue to see if i can make it better.